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      MESSAGE FROM PAUL - 17.01.2008

      Hi everybody,

      Happy New Year!

      I hope it?s a great one for all of us.

      There?s been a lot of stuff in the newspapers over the past few months and as most of it is completely inaccurate, I have not bothered to deny any of it.

      There is one report though, that is causing concern amongst many friends of mine which was a recent report about a heart operation that I was supposed to have had.

      People are ringing and texting me saying ?are you ok?? and I hadn?t seen the report so I was puzzled by so many enquiries about my health. So I think it?s a good time to put this rumour to rest. What happened was, over a year ago during a routine medical examination, there was a minor irregularity which I needed to have tests for and which I have now been assured is completely fine. The media have only just recently reported an exaggerated version of this and that is why people have been asking me if I am ok. So this is where the story has come from. The media reports have, as usual, completely distorted the story, calling it an angioplasty, which is entirely untrue, and this is why so many friends have been concerned about my health.

      I?m happy to say that I feel great and I have passed my most recent medical with flying colours.

      I would like to thank all of you and my friends and relatives for your concern and I?m very happy to put your minds at rest, although I have secretly been enjoying all the sympathy I?ve been getting!

      Once again, happy new year and remember?don?t believe everything you read in the media.

      I look forward to a rocking 2008!