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          Rules are sometimes meant to be broken

            Broken, but fixed eventually

              Eventually there will not be so much sadness

                Sadness is really quite horrible

                  Horrible people just are'nt nice

                    Nice people like Emma and her Mum Sarah are lovely to be around

                      Around and around goes the merry-go-round.

                        round my head, distractions like butterflies are buzzing

                          buzzing like an electric toothbrush...

                            toothbrush, comb, deodorant, underwear, couple of shirts & jeans... that's all i'm taking.

                              Taking a breather aftert leaping through the 4 feet of snow that we got here in Montreal.

                                Montreal was the hardest hit.

                                  Hit with only four inches of snow in Cleveland

                                    Cleveland was lucky!

                                      Magical Mystery Girl:Cleveland was lucky!

                                      Lucky Charms....they're magically delicious

                                        Delicious as the hazelnut coffee I'm now drinking? ;)

                                          Soon you may be sad ..... because of your visit to Strawberry Fields ... try to remember the songs that he gave to the world ... that day is also my birthday ... so remember to toast chuffed

                                            chuffed is a great friend with a kind heart who always has something nice to say......so of course i will think of you and toast to you when i go to see john cuz it will break up the monotony of being in a somber mood to a good feeling mood knowing that it is also my friend's birthday.