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      Beginning to see good outweighs the bad......thanks to those who are good! I am .....blessed.
      Two threads in one

        JennyLP:Beginning to see good outweighs the bad......thanks to those who are good! I am .....blessed.
        Two threads in one

        One for all and all for one, said the Musketeers!

          musketeers bars are yummy

            Yummy are the pictures yonoworld has....I love them all...but your avatar is the best!!!

              best avatar!!! ...thank you so much (((donna))) ...however, i changed it this week in memory of john. ...but next week i will be putting silly paul back up wearing his jacket. ...he looks so cute! ...btw i love your cute little doggie avatar!

                avatar of john what i have...may you rest in peace dear john....i'll see you in my dreams and meet you at strawberry fields...

                  Strawberry fields I did see once again on 12/8.....always sad but peaceful.

                    Peaceful is what John Lennon wanted the entire world to be...

                      Be the miracle.

                        miracle it would have been had john not died by the gun wounds....strawberry fields was filled with so much love yesterday....we sang, we cried....the Imagine mosaic was filled with so many candles, pictures, flowers, etc....we celebrated john's life by singing johns and beatles songs...it was such a magnificent scene...i took pictures...even yoko was there to place flowers.
                        here is one picture of the imagine mosaic during daytime
                        CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE
                        here is another picture of the imagine mosaic at night
                        CLICK HERE FOR PICTURE

                          Night with candles remembering John... that's cool ((((Jojo)))), and thanks for posting those two pics... though I couldn't be there, I felt connected to the moment through those photos.

                            ((((thank you hymn))))
                            photos of stawberry fields i have more.. ...and here i am in another world...holding john and thinking about him
                            CLICK HERE FOR PIC
                            i'm the silly girl

                              Thinking about him is what we have all been doing....thanks for the lovely photos...I wish I could have been there.

                                Been there I was but early in the day.....a friend had to catch a plane back home.

                                  Home is where the heart is.

                                    The heart is very cold in a certain person from here I shall leave un-named.

                                      Un-named person should try a little love - it warms the heart every time.

                                        every time you give love, you feel love ten-fold...and your heart is a glow...and the radiance that it generates....fills the world with love.

                                          Love scares the hell out of me.......I know alot of people will look down on that......but hey, I'm honest.

                                            Honest people have a great quality