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      "Quality Street" is a box with lots of candies, toffees, etc... they are very good. Anyway, i still prefer chocolate!

        Chocolate is the most scrumpdillyishis thing on earth!

          The most scrumpdillyishis thing on earth is chocolate!

            Chocolate bars for everyone... here!

              i_am_hymn:Chocolate bars for everyone... here!

              Here today .... gone today (you didn't think they would last until tomorrow)

                tomorrow...never knows???..from what i hear

                  hear today...oh wait???...wrong hear.??? ...ahh what the heck. ..i am....
                  here today.

                    Today the rain is washing away all the Christmas snow

                      snow ball fight they are trying to get together so that we could be in the guiness book of world records. ..i read it in the paper yesterday ...i have since contacted the person in charge

                        Charge......da da da dum da dum......CHARGE!!!! I do that loudly at the games!

                          Games are so fun to go to. Here's another common chant at games: WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!!

                            You may do that at "Sissymary" Stadium

                              Stadiums across the country do that. At least we don't do the wimpy YMCA. ;)

                                YMCA is done at stadiums across the country....but not We Will Rock You.

                                  You bet your sweet patootie it is... you've never been to a stadium and they didn't at least play the beat of "We Will Rock You?"

                                    You asking me or telling me?.....I hear it mostly at hockey games.

                                      Games of baseball at stadiums that you go to play it too. I am stunned... it's played at like every game!

                                        Game(s) that you go to.....not EVERY game.

                                          Not EVERY game have I heard that at....but I have heard it...oops! Maybe I shouldn't jump into the middle of your little "discussion"

                                            Little discussion of ours you shouldn't have jumped into... not when you took her side!

                                            Seriously... I could have sworn that it's at about every game. Maybe not so much the song, but at least people stomping and claping their hands to the beat. Nice to see you again, Donna! Long time, no see!