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      In 2009 I started to research and write a book of the Beatles Lyrics. I finished it in 2013. It's called Beatles Lyrics 1956-1996 and has a whole section on Unreleased Songs such as Lennon's "Madman", McCartney's "Woman", Harrison's "Dehra Dun" and even the few words Ringo and Paul exchanged before playing a piano together on the song "Jazz Piano" from the film Magical Mystery Tour. It is very complete and blows other Beatles Lyrics books out of the water if I do say so myself. So Paul and Ringo and Yoko and Olivia have all been sent Flash Drives of the text, but I've received no reply so far. What would really be special is if illustrators from all over the world could each make art for each song, like the book that came out in 1969 called The Illustrated Beatles. THAT book, if you can find it, has excellent art but the lyrics have many mistakes. So my goal is to put out an excellent, accurate book that is also very beautiful and pays my bills. But with so many Beatles books out in Planet Earth now (5,000?) maybe we should be less hard on the earth's trees. I hope you are reading this Paul, I can be contacted easily.