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      HEY WHERE ARE YOU!!! and what are you doing???

        I must delete myself, before I delete any more posts!

          moonchild324:I must delete myself, before I delete any more posts!

          No -- you must delete that thought -- but never yourself

            thank you the_ fool, it is deleted. I feel much better!

              Why am I bothering to post -- when I know that I will delete it?

              A man named Russ walked into a house with a lot of history. So many things happend in that house that it was mind blowing.
              "If these walls could talk." Russ said to the air.
              "Hello..." said a voice from inside the house.
              "W-Who said that?" Russ asked.
              "I did." Said the wall.
              "Who are you?" Russ asked as he looked around - trying to find the voice.
              "I am the Wall Russ."

                I don't delete my own posts.....but lately the mods have
                Who'da thunk?

                  deleted in my box of words

                  [size=1]Some people don't see it this way...man, woman, black, white, or some category that they want to label...

                  Being Jewish for Bernie Sanders is a media thing. In reality the voter would say no to him because of his Socialist ideas that lean toward Communism. Voters do not want the country to slide further backwards.

                  Being a woman has gotten Hillary Clinton more attention and the media jumping up and down wanting to write stories of it being historical like they did with President Obama. In reality throw the woman thing out. Voters see Hillary as unethical, a liar, someone who may have been in the seat as a Senator and Secretary of State that shows no accomplishments in those positions - only a resume padder. She got rich in the political world for not having been productive in helping anyone but herself and her reach for more power. They see the current administration policies and ideas continue with Hillary. (For those that don't like the direction and country attitude ... this becomes a no vote for the candidate - not a no to a woman candidate vote). The Clinton foundation is very suspect - though not proven of unethical practices, money favors (contribute and get a pay back later as in a good job or money with interest), money laundering all in Canada so not subject to U.S. laws.
                  George Soros - one of the most evil people in this world - just dumped 13 million dollars into Hillary Clinton's campaign. George Soros probably owns over half the politicians in the U.S. In an interview not too long ago George Soros said some of this is a game and he doesn't care who gets hurt or destroyed or country destroyed along the way. He funds things like move on dot org. And many in the Democrat Party.

                  (If George Soros could run for the office - I would not vote for him. Hillary is an extension of Soros).

                  The establishment has been controlling Politics for a long long time. The voter is getting tired of the establishment picking the candidates on both sides and probably already agreeing to the winner. It only matters that they can keep their status and power. They have put up some terrible candidates and before the Primary voting is done - they usually have a Candidate. Hillary is their choice on the Democrat side - Bernie was just for looks to make it look like Hillary Clinton had competition and had to fight for it. It probably freaks the establishment out a bit that Bernie Sanders has picked up steam and actually has gotten some votes. Unfortunately due to the Super Delegate set up by the party - Bernie can win a state and Hillary will walk away with more Delegates.
                  (Very wordy - continued next) Smile

                    The_Fool:It does not matter what I say today -
                    it will be deleted sooner or later -
                    you may quote me on this -
                    but I will have deleted it in my box of words

                    Lovely box of words that, hear the box is soo big butterflies carry the letters throughout the four corners of the world, most seriously and literally. Now that's a major cross word puzzler
                    to the average tumbler gusler
                    is the fun incured
                    the mumbling
                    is the mayhem
                    crosses pen.

                      damn! what did i post yesterday that i deleted *again*? ops:

                        One's a pond a forest of no trees - where walls were round and buzz words were considered trite - a whimsicle bicycle not more than a few pounds - walked up the puddled muddy path with a shark tooth clothes pin. If I'm not mistaken it was month for the wind and kites that would whip and woosh the great blue ball's dome. Hurry back he called and trailed away until it was his time to shine again .......

                          I feel like deleteing!! ops:

                            it saddens me when others feel they have to delete their stuff.

                              Beatlemaniac:it saddens me when others feel they have to delete their stuff.

                              To be forsaken
                              to not move
                              to introvert
                              in the lacking of a groove
                              to stay
                              to live
                              to bask
                              to give
                              to recieve
                              to miss you
                              and I do
                              I do.

                              (to you)

                                I like to delete things. Some things but sometimes it's like garbage, and it is useless.

                                  Why oh why delete? It was a part of you at that time!

                                    letitbeamanda:Why oh why delete? It was a part of you at that time!

                                    Thoughless insanity
                                    the boot from a Hannity
                                    thoughtlessness mainly
                                    I think
                                    not stopping to consider
                                    never stopping to consider
                                    always onward
                                    toward a downfall
                                    I know
                                    I know
                                    (and black
                                    never takes back)
                                    ((once gone
                                    once done
                                    once a gun))
                                    ((((time will tell and work and diligence will be my deliverence))))
                                    (((((I imagine.)))))
                                    (((((((((but most of all
                                    simple blind stupidity)))))))))

                                      Delete....i wonder what other word I could make from those letters.

                                      Delete that word and make it another one!

                                      Ed Teed

                                        "It was off my phone...telling me I had too many messages...and I had to DELETE some!"

                                          I am drinking coffee which soon will be deleted from my cup -
                                          I am using a vacation day that will be deleted from the alloted days -
                                          I need to delete some weeds growing in my garden -
                                          and some words that I might write

                                            i wanted to post on a thread that was locked. ...but at least the posts haven't been deleted.