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      BOAC words by Terri Kay Emanuel
      BOAC and the mouse roared boxing day eight days
      a week and on the twelfth night the doorman picks
      up the rice in a church don't mind if i do get back
      sweet judenrat roll over dakota boy twenty flight
      rock gimme the BOAC blues.
      The prince and the pauper twist and shout one lump
      or two i'll have both don't mind if i do and the mouse
      roared and the doorman sang roll over sweet
      rudenrat gimme the BOAC blues. Tweedle-dee and
      Roll over sweet judenrat twist and shout dakota booy
      twenty flight rock BOAC blues/
      And the people came and the garden grew. The doorman still sings that'll be the day the
      music died. The doorman still sings chim-chim chiree.

      Words by Terri Kay Emanuel