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      Dear Paul,
      I heard for my first-time the golden slumbers and then I heard so much more...no more lonely nights.
      There are people who change the world and there are people who think they change the world.
      When you listen to a piece of music and it sticks in your throat like a shock and moves you to holding back tears, you realise how special this contribution was and always is.
      To the tone of voice, complexly simple melodic and words which convince such a genuine feeling that they can only be real, there is no doubting that the creator has written from the deepest core imaginable. There are no mistruths allowed or aloud.
      Listening to this takes you into mind space, further away than you go, imagining that this enchantment is yours and how would you feel?
      Looking through the leaves, there are so many branches which you and everyone know well. They are beautiful and stand tall for everyone to see, but then you hear a vision and see a sound which was not there before, at least for yours, and it stops you in your spot. Can there really be more?
      Is this done for financial reward or other? Is this hard or easy, I wonder? No financial reward can inspire such truth and no truth can be easy.
      The creativity is contagious but there is nothing to contract. I am already infected and just need to proclaim it.
      I wonder if I am one of the ones who think they can change the world. After all, there are many.
      Maybe I will never know.
      There are people who change the world and people who think they change the world. I know that I know.
      Thank you for changing the world.