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      Positng my originals and covers online.

      Lots of McCartney covers to come!

      Enjoy, friends:



        Thanks Audi! I've been listening to some of your tracks at work right now. Its getting me through the afternoon. Cheers!

          Cool of ya' to say that!

          Thanks for listening.

          Much more to come.

            A preview of what I'll be posting soon.

            This is a re-working of a song with intentionally bad lyrics that a buddy had me write music and record.

            Anyway, a very punk'ish, Elvis Costello-esque melody etched itself into my brain, and here's what happened...



            The road was slick
            As I turned my wipers on,
            The air was thick
            I saw you and the sun was gone.

            Now tomorrow is cold and yesterday's warm
            Is this all just a passing storm?


            Precipitation (4xs)

            VERSE 2:
            Well, I was dry
            And now I'm drenched to the bone,
            Wish you were mine
            What is this high-pressure zone?

            'Cause neither snow nor hail nor lock nor gate
            Can ever stop what you precipitate...


            You keep me from my appointed rounds,
            You send me slipping to the ground.
            Stop before you drown me again,
            Your love's got me running down the drain.

              Posted a few new tracks, including my Fireman'esque cover of Paul McCartney's "Be What You See:"


              And "Sing The Changes":



                I love the concept of the Fireman doing 'Be What You See' and it turned out great! Good work!

                  Thanks for sharing this Audi.... I also really enjoyed Be What You See... as well as the others... the link for Precipitation is not working Can you please repost? I loved the lyrics... Cheers!

                    Audi - Precipitation (Elvis Costello @ CBGBs Version):

                    AUDI - BLUE CHRISTMAS (...was in an Elvis mood on X-mas Eve...):


                    I really, really, really appreciate you guys taking the time to listen to my tracks, as flawed as they are!

                      aakiboh:I love the concept of the Fireman doing 'Be What You See' and it turned out great! Good work!

                      Nice of ya' to say that!

                      Do you sing or play, by the way?

                        One more:

                        Most of you know SuzyLuvsPaul here at this forum.

                        Last year, she'd posted lyrics to one of her originals, and I offered to put new music to it.

                        She'd written it as a folky kinda' song, but I decided to make it a funky, rock thing -- incorporating Paul McCartney's guitar-riff to his version of "Bring It To Jerome" (Back In The U.S.) with a dash of Lenny Kravitz and, of course, a whole lotta' Audi :

                        YOU GOT MORE SASS THAN CLASS:

                          Thanks so much Audi... just downloaded them and listening now... Great... I really like the funk of Susy's song...

                            love2travel:Thanks so much Audi... just downloaded them and listening now... Great... I really like the funk of Susy's song...

                            I dig it, too.

                            BTW: Check your PM.

                              The latest mix of...

                              AUDI'S MEGA-MACCA-MEDLEY 2010:

                              Posted at my Youtube Channel:

                              Or you can download it:

                                Added a couple more songs to my McCartney medley.

                                Audi's MegaMaccaMedley (12-28-2010):


                                Here are all the songs so far:

                                -LOOKING FOR CHANGES
                                -THE MESS
                                -MY LOVE
                                -LET 'EM IN
                                -C'MON PEOPLE
                                -SO BAD
                                -WE GOT MARRIED
                                -DRESS ME UP AS A ROBBER
                                -COSMICALLY CONSCIOUS
                                -COME AND GET IT
                                -SOMEBODY WHO CARES

                                ...so much more to do!


                                  aakiboh:I love the concept of the Fireman doing 'Be What You See' and it turned out great! Good work!

                                  Nice of ya' to say that!

                                  Do you sing or play, by the way?

                                  Oh no! Well, I do from time to time, but there's a big difference between doing those things and doing them well! I mess around a bit, but nothing serious.

                                  And the medley is great! Everything flows just right and the song choice is awesome. It was almost like a guessing game...'alright, this sounds like it's about to go into So Bad...I'm right!' Haha, it's fun!

                                    My last track of 2010!

                                    A James Brown essential...it was five years ago this X-mas, ya' know...

                                    This is a Chili Peppers-meets-JB with a P-Funk'esque intro.

                                    And, yes, it's Superbad -- which can be interpreted in more than one way in this case, unfortunately.

                                    It's definitely not "in the pocket" in a few spots, but I like my lil' tribute to The godfather of Soul.




                                        kapoo:audi, just dropping in been listening to a bunch of these, still love those medleys! Nice vocal on the We Got Married Cosmically Conscious part. Among others

                                        tracks I listened to:

                                        Driving My Life Away = good & funky!
                                        Precipitation = good & rockin!
                                        Sweet Sticky Thing = this ones ridiculous, you are going off on that! great guitar and funk feel, really well sung chorus. Sweet Sweet sticky thing
                                        More Sass Than Class = great, I like the sound of that distortion vocal
                                        Not Fade Away = great rocking, you were locked into the groove. I like the heavy guitars.
                                        A+ to this point

                                        But Blue Christmas!? That one totally blew me away! Getting dangerously close to that Nilsson/Starr vibe on that one great background vocals. And dude! did you even give a shout out to Harry in that song? From 1:14 to 1:32, sounds like you say ?Harry?.. and then ?the late Harry? at the end of the vocal solo! If you did that intentionally that?s the best thing I?ve heard in a LONG time!! :cool: :cool: and if you didn?t then I?ll crack up as I?m apparently hearing Nilsson in random music.. but either way, your style in that really reminds me of their sound, really good stuff man! Thanks for the listening experience, keep up the good work.



                                        Thank you.


                                            The Starr/Nillson dynamic was a happy accident.

                                            My influence was purely Elvis, but my comical side really appreciates your observation.

                                            The comedy bit that Ringo Starr and Harry Nillson did at the '74 Grammys was classic and brilliant!

                                            Also, your comments on my other tracks demonstrated that you truly listened. Much appreciated!

                                            My tracks are rough and lo-fi, but that's my indie spirit.

                                            I'm hoping that my originals will shine one day.