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      Call me crazy, but I've taken it into my head to write and illustrate a small children's book. It's main theme will be about friendship, bullying and needing to belong. I feel very strongly about these themes. Who knows, maybe I'll even succeed.

      Recently I got talked into writing a monthly column for the Care Centre's monthly newsletter. Maybe the relative success of this ignited my above idea. We'll see how it goes.

        You're crazy.

        But crazy people get things done.

        Do you have a publisher? I think bullying might be a popular theme with the right house.

          Bullying is a great topic...don't forget adult bullying at jobs, my therapist says it's rampant. Totally inexcusable and should be against the law in every state!!

            Okay ....
            You're crazy....

            You said you feel strongly about these things .... Great
            You should have a good book because you have the belief in what you are doing

            Best of luck

              Well, I put down the general outline, as well as a chapter by chapter outline. So I sort of know where I'm going. I'm using a fantasy genre to tell it. That way it won't come out too lecturing. I'm gonna illustrate it too. A lot of work, but it's work I love.

              I haven't got a publisher yet. I think I'm gonna write the 1st draft and then look around. Someone suggested try publishing online. An E--book. What do you think.

                I don't know about children's books, but a general rule is to never, ever, ever submit your first draft. Ever. The first draft is where you put whatever's in your head on paper. The second draft is when the real work begins. By the fifth draft, you might start to have something.

                And keep in mind that once you post something online, most publishers will never want to touch it. After it's published, you can post it all over the place. But most publishers want first rights.

                  Good advice. Thanks. And I have a regular habit of re--writing, and re--writing in my head before I put ANYthing down. So this is about, officially, my 4th draft. But don't worry, I have a couple of good people I trust, who have promised to be strict in their going over of it. (one is a published author). I know it'll need work.

                    Got chapter one down.