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      These poems are beautiful, love2travel. Love the stained glass too.

        wilhamina:These poems are beautiful, love2travel. Love the stained glass too.

        Thank you so much wilhamina..... you are very kind. I really enjoy your poems so much, they inspire me

          This started as a left over poem I couldn't finish in time....

          I pulled this up and finished in 5 min.... sometimes I really wonder where the words come from?! Mostly pictures, feelings turn into words in my mind...not always... I wonder if it's like that for everyone?


          Sun ablaze, a brilliant light?
          Chasing the shadows of the night,
          A new day, a new way is in sight,
          I pray for it with all my might?
          How I long for someone to see?
          The joy of the heart that?s inside of me
          How I long for someone to hold?
          In their arms, keeping me from the cold
          I long to meet you in my brain?
          You tell me that you think the same
          I long to meet you under the covers?
          To be with you, impassioned lovers
          To walk with you, soul to soul?
          To finally find you is my life?s goal

            THE BEACH

            Children playing on a beach,
            Dancing, singing having fun
            Barking dog is on the run,
            Voices sound like the tinkling bells
            Little one shows me his shells

            We chase after foaming swells
            Salty air?.ah love that smell
            Holes for crabs sputter in the sand
            Little boy he grabs my hand

            Seagulls soar across the sky
            So forlorn their lonely cry
            Colorful sailboats skimming by
            We wave hello?oh.. wave goodbye

            This is where I want to be
            I really love the blue green sea

              They are beautiful, love2travel. Especially love the Soulmates poem.

                wilhamina:They are beautiful, love2travel. Especially love the Soulmates poem.

                Thanks so much wilhamina.... I think we all would like to find a Soulmate.... those who do, are very very lucky and blessed!!!

                  Poem buddy! -pokes-

                  I can't think of one poem of yours,
                  that didn't take me on a journey,
                  to many wondrous sights,
                  on many breathtaking flights.

                  Eh, not as good as yours, but appreciating poetry with more poetry is the only way to go, really.

                  I'll be watching this thread...



                    Ohhhh Crossover Genius.....Poem buddy..... Hugs to you too

                    That was such a sweet sentiment....thank you so much... that really meant alot to me.... It brought a tear to my eye...really.... More Hugs!!!

                    OK, I've been without my computer, which has been horrible, but I did manage to write a few poems from some words in the other thread.

                    The first one is for you!!! Hope you like it

                    For Crossover Genius a really cool person

                    Crossover Genius won NaNoWriMo
                    Happiness cut short by the heartless thieves
                    Took her Wii, took her TV
                    And because it rhymed took her jelly!!!

                    Thankfully she had her computer
                    Something precious, saved from the looter
                    Hope they catch them and put them in jail
                    Keeping them there without any bail

                    Her violin safe, the looters can?t play
                    Thank goodness for that, on such a sad day
                    Sending her wishes that all loot is found
                    And hope that quickly she will rebound


                      Peacenik was the hippy girl
                      Holding the sign she did unfurl
                      Joining, she took up the chant
                      ?Make Love Not War?
                      ?Give Peace a Chance?

                      ?Hell No We Won?t Go?
                      ?Hey Hey LBJ,
                      How Many Kids Did You Kill Today??
                      A thousand people in the street
                      Singing songs and carrying signs...
                      For the peacenik girl, those were the times
                      A brotherhood of man
                      Hands Across America
                      Time to make a stand

                      Tricky Dicky was alarmed
                      Had FBI stake out the farms
                      Peace had the government all frightened
                      For they were really not enlightened

                      Peacenik girl is now a woman
                      Still prays for Peace and all men?s Freedom
                      Time to focus on the child
                      And a world on which all smiled

                        I didn't have anyone in particular in mind when writing this...probably someone I haven't met yet is most likely .... although I have had some good kissing contenders along the way


                        Kiss?ahhhh KISS is how it started,
                        Soon after that we never parted
                        For in your kiss, felt where your heart is
                        More kisses lead to worlds uncharted,

                        Kissing away all of your sorrows
                        Kiss away your doubts tomorrow
                        Peace and tranquility found in a kiss
                        Your sweet lips give me my bliss

                        Taste on your lips like a fine wine
                        Raises my temperature, so sublime
                        When we kiss thoughts spiral and twirl
                        Round and round the room it whirls

                        I would really be remiss
                        If I didn?t share with you that kiss
                        Kiss?ahhh KISS is how it started
                        Soon after that we never parted

                          ops: love2travel...aw!


                          Your poems are beautiful,
                          Draws out the unmistakable,
                          Joy in the art and craft,
                          A pencil your life, your light and ruling shaft.


                          Many, many hugs to you, too! I, too, wish malignantly against the creeps try as I might to not. Sinned or no, wishing such against them is to wish such against yourself. It was still quite rude, though.

                            Thanks CG...you are right, to wish against them is against yourself... I have trouble there... with truly mean people. It's those people we have to forgive the most....

                            Is that you who wrote about the apple at the top of the tree?! If so, LOVED that one. I used to be such a tomboy...it reminded me of when I was either 8 or 9 and used to outclimb all the boys in the neighborhood, to the top of the tree... My mother never knew about that I really LOVE to be an apple at the top!!!

                              Perhaps, perhaps. Shall I find where I referred to it? Mind you, I did not write it. Formatted properly, it appears to be a leaf. Lovely poem, really... it simply needs to be centered. A link would put it here... http://www.fanfiction.net/~crossovergenius just a simple scroll will do. (This is where I smile sweetly and sincerely and wonder later what brought it on. Then I remember that you're a friend -among the best for the poetry factor- and I repeat the smile once more)

                              are like
                              apples on trees.
                              The best ones are
                              at the top of the tree. The
                              boys don?t want to reach
                              for the good ones because they
                              are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
                              Instead, they just get the rotten apples
                              from the ground that aren't as good,
                              but easy. So the apples at the top think
                              something is wrong with them, when in
                              reality, they're amazing. They just
                              have to wait for the right boy to
                              come along, the one who's
                              brave enough to
                              climb all
                              the way
                              to the top
                              of the tree.

                              I just wrote another poem (we're in the midst of the most fantastic rainstorm. It's beautiful!) I'm posting it right now.

                                Thanks for reposting it CG.... You are so good, I thought you did write it I am missing that thread. I have some good ideas stored and am waiting for the computer to get fixed I bought a hand held recorder...lots of good thoughts on it. Just realized that I think in poem mode more than I realized... haaa funny... I was rhyming driving down the road.... double haaaa

                                  No driving for Crossover...yet...

                                  One year and I get my Learner's Permit and in two years from now I get my license at 16! Yaysies!

                                  No driving yet,
                                  Not for me,
                                  I'll make a bet,
                                  Soon I'll be free.

                                    Love your poems 'love2travel' You have a real way with words! Something I never had!

                                      Why thank you so much James.... very kind of you... I think you might be surprised at what you could do, however... Give it a go.... listen to music, write some words that come to mind and then go from there. The rhyme zone can give you good ideas, as well as a thesaurus....find words you like and then they kind of write themselves

                                      Honestly...not sure where mine come from... a mix of past, present and future... combines and I just write down what pops in my head... some truth, some made up and some thoughts just going out into the Universe... I just found out I can't stop thinking them anyway, might as well write them down...

                                      There are lots more, but not all are fit for Paul McCartney forum, people might get the wrong idea...don't want to have to explain each one

                                        There are lots more, but not all are fit for Paul McCartney forum, people might get the wrong idea...don't want to have to explain each one

                                        You would shoot me if I told you how many beautiful unposted poems I have! Alas, I get my arse chewed half off if I explain it. I've had people take my poetry quite the wrong way, and I must admit that I am a slight bit paranoid when it comes to the meanings that I hold in my poetry.

                                        Nah...don't mean you [/sarcasm]


                                        Looking forward to more poetry from you, love2travel! Perhaps I'll go through and find some gems to brush up a little bit.

                                        Or maybe I won't.

                                        Who knows?

                                          Thanks CG... Well I'm sorry that we are missing some of your poems as well as mine...because I know that people will take things the wrong way or they are too out there or too too. But then again, sometimes I think that I would like the explanation....such as I was listening to such and such a song... and then this came from it.... as people would scratch their heads... haaaa I've also thought that their should be a thread such as name 5 songs that are "you" . I really like that thought. After being on this thread, and you think you kind of know people a bit... I wonder what their songs would be? Hey... I need to write a poem here... just found my very first poem... a blast from the past!

                                            This is the very first poem that I ever wrote. I wrote it when I was very young and had just broken up with one of those "first" boyfriends. I kept it for years in the back of the book I had written it in. Then I submitted it many years later and it was published in a very obscure poetry place, but none the less, I sent it to my aunties as I was a bit proud of it. ops: They promply called me, very worried that I was depressed I had gotten over the loss many years before, and now it always makes me laugh a bit. Hey, and I liked the dots... even back then... haaaa
                                            For Daniel.... you taught me never to be this sad ever again... ever

                                            Dark Night of the Soul

                                            You have hurt me now for the very last time...
                                            My heart has broken into slivers...
                                            who can find a way to put them back?
                                            I am so empty...
                                            The dark night
                                            swirling...foggy and damp...
                                            chills me to the bone...
                                            until I am unable to see by the light
                                            of the day.
                                            The sunlight is so bright and warm,
                                            it is painful to the touch...
                                            And so I dwell in the shadows...

                                            My tears flow, viscous liquid
                                            until I am adrift in them...
                                            lost at sea...
                                            caught in a kelp bed...
                                            I am drowning...

                                            Oh the drama...