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      The Beatles: BBC Archives

      I've finished reading and reviewing an advance copy of this forthcoming book, you can read my review here: http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2013/10/book-review-beatles-bbc-archives.html

      Hope you all enjoy!

        DrBeatle:I've finished reading and reviewing an advance copy of this forthcoming book, you can read my review here: http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2013/10/book-review-beatles-bbc-archives.html

        Hope you all enjoy!

        Great review, I can't wait to get that book.

          Thanks! You won't be disappointed

            Here's my updated review of the BBC book with photographs from within the book (supplied by the publisher) as well as photos of my copy.


              I've got a couple more new Beatles books coming my way from the publishers for review, I'll let you know how they are. Already started the first one:

              http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2013/10/ ... -list.html
              http://rnrchemist.blogspot.com/2013/10/ ... -pile.html

                Both look very interesting. What are you reading now?

                  Right now I'm about 1/5 through The Beatles: Solo...it's pretty good, not great but solid. I'll see how I feel by the end

                    New Book Review on My Website ---> The Beatles: Solo


                      Thanks for the review. I have been wondering for a few weeks now whether to buy these books or not, and I am still not sure.

                        i wont be buying this i cant afford it end of story.

                          Thanks for the great review. I bought these books when they came out but haven't done much more then page through them a couple times. I have to agree with your assessment that only allowing 96 pages per person did a disservice to Paul and George.

                            Thanks for the kind words and glad you've enjoyed the review and I hope it's helped some of you out. I agree, if the books were less expensive, they'd be fine, but for what they cost they're good, but not great.

                              Thank you for your helpful review as its made up my mind to give these books a miss.

                              I don't mind reading a biography on an individual Beatle but when it comes to books on their recorded works then these days I fully expect to read a book crammed full with original research revealing recording dates etc.......as with Mark Lewisohn's books on the Beatles.

                                You're welcome! Just as I'm always eager to pump a book that is great to spread the word, I like to save people money on ones that aren't worth it, too .

                                I'm working on another one right now, should be done reading and have the review up soon, I'd say within a week or less.

                                  the way things are looking for me right now. i wont be buying any darn books. i will read my books at the damn library. urg its really frustrating seeing people rub in the fact that they can buy things i can't. okay your big and powerful and can afford things i get it and i am a big loser. i get it OKAY.

                                    ^actually I am not buying these books. Since I am a freelance writer on the side (ie it's not my day job) and a published author myself of 2 books, I've got enough name credibility that publishers approach me to send me copies of all sorts of books to review. Otherwise I'd have to be much choosier on what to spend my money on! Wasn't trying to rub it in anyone's face, I'm sorry if it came across that way! ops:

                                      New Book Review On My Site ---> The Beatles in 100 Object


                                        The Beatles Day By Day ---> My Book Review


                                        Anyone else read this one?

                                          Magical Mystery Tours ---> my book review


                                          Anyone else read it? I enjoyed it a lot.

                                            Is this Tony's 2nd book? I have his first one and there were so many errors in it!! I actually had to write them down. Wish he had gotten someone to proof it who knew all the basic facts. I can give you examples later if you'd like.

                                            ETA: No, you are talking about his first book (2010)

                                            He has another one out too.