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      Hi all,

      About 18 months ago, I started developing the largest film project I'd undertaken at that time - a short film trilogy inspired by the life of Paul McCartney.

      'Walter' follows the life of David Walter, former member of the biggest band in history: The Cornerstones. The films explore the role music plays in our lives; getting us through the bad times and helping us celebrate the good. Each short film is set in a different period in history: Walter I in 1969, Walter II in 1978 and Walter III in 2012.

      Walter I has been released today with II and III to follow in the next 2 weeks. In Walter I, The Cornerstones are breaking up. David (James Coley) flees to Scotland with his wife Sally (Trelawny Kean) to find out who he is outside of the group that's been his whole life for so long.

      Walter I: https://vimeo.com/243251015

      I have to say here that the events in the films are merely inspired by the man we all love and the things that happen in the films aren't necessarily historically accurate.

        Walter II is released tomorrow. Set in 1978, this episode sees David decideing to reach out to Jack Mossman, his former co-conspirator to try and patch up the relationship they left behind 10 years before.

        But before that, the full versions of the two songs The Cornerstones performed on The Raymond Wilson Show (three guesses what that's based on). I had a really fun time emulating the sound of the music of the time and the style of studio camera work.

        Don't Walk Away From Me
        Watch My Pretty Baby

          Watched part I and looking forward to II and III!

            Thanks so much for watching, Nancy! Glad to hear you're enjoying the series. You don't have to wait long for Walter II because it's out today.

            Walter II: https://vimeo.com/244415496

            Set in 1978, David (James Coley) decides to reach out to Jack Mossman (Cameron Ian Alexander), his former co-conspirator to try and patch up the relationship they left behind 10 years before.

              Today (on the day of Paul McCartney's first show in Australia in 24 years!) we have the third and final instalment of Walter!

              Walter III: https://vimeo.com/245383300

              It's 2012 and David is in retirement. With the 50th anniversary of The Cornerstones approaching, there's pressure from the record company to reunite with Bobby Shine, the only other surviving member of the band.


                Watched part II (sad since David never got to reconcile with Jack - like Paul did with John) and will watch part III tomorrow. 

                  Yes, I know what you mean. That was actually the bit I was wary of on a Beatles/McCartney forum as it's where I started to depart from the actual history. Glad you're enjoying it and thanks so much for watching!

                    I meant to post here sooner that I watched part III. Very good! Loved the drum kit - Beethoven instead of Ludwig! Lol!

                      Thank you! Yes, I had a great time doing all the little props and things. It's nice to have them noticed by a fellow fan. There's so much in there that's just a step away from the reality like that. The records that pop up occasionally have a cross-section of an orange on them, for instance.