Because there are leaders and there are followers, all on the git. Hollywood and my family are incredibly stupid people, conjuring every nth of misery from my existence 24/7 just to push me in to their little group or out so they can keep what they took out of my poor hide, something about songs they 'borrowed', movie ideas they ripped, products they stole from their own children. They call it a Hazing: The Silent Treatment, and everything is 'my fault', right?? No, only when I am wrong. Now, I am not a musician. They did everything to discourage that. I was born with a cleft palate. I do not sing nor do I give speeches. And yet..they persist because they are incredibly stupid industrialists; all money with few ideas of their own and taking from others so that they do not lose their control in the world. And while playing everyone else as if they are the only ones who are hip. That is, if you have something that they want. These folks have a lot to hide and they will push you around while keeping you out just so you don't get a hold of anything. As an example. I was a vegetarian. They crashed me, took advantage of being my co-habitant family and upstairs neighbors to rob my sleep, force me out of my health and work after setting me up for a fall working at a major record company while they then locked me down and out, and then because they took vicious control of my privacy, forced me back to eating meat due to enforced poverty as a leverage for their arguments. In my entire lifetime, they never admitted their connections to Hollywood or wealth, except for my Step-Grandfather. He owned the main dairy for the County and was an important figure at the local Mellon Bank. My avatar was his piano. I made up a lot of songs on that piano. And many of those songs found their way to records and radio behind my back while my immediate family represented themselves as poor and still pretend to. During the (ongoing) hazing when I really needed a doctor, they let me sleep it off instead. Major players in Hollywood and industry and politics with control of the town. So, yeah. I know the type quite well. Reminds me of "Love You To" (is that the right name?) These are a couple of my simple songs. I only do it for myself: