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I just ordered some of the Paul stamps on EBay. One set was postmarked and shipped from England. Not sure when I’m going to get there, so I ordered them online, got 3 different sets!

Last time I talked to the Royal Mail about my missing PM Bundle was July 7th. On the 21st received an email from them saying it had been "despatched." ("mailed"to us Yanks!) Took 2 WEEKS to get it out?! It better arrive in less than 10 days!

(the other part did)

P.S. Am on phone with Delta cancelling plane tickets and getting  Delta Sky Miles + taxes $ refunded on Amex. Only had to stay on hold 2.5 hours, then she transferred me eventually (went almost directly through) to a different customer service rep. Have been on the line for over 1/2 hour total now. He's trying to figure out how to just refund me a $46.60 credit voucher which was initially supposed to be refunded on my Amex! (long story) Points (Sky Miles) are already back in my account (checked  but credit of taxes  on this flight ($338.90 for the 2 tickets) has not gone through yet.

Next will easily cancel hotels in London and Liverpool online (free cancellation)

I know, what a hassle. On the bright side, the Stones released their Fall US tour rescheduled dates today from last summer!

I even ended up calling the Liverpool hotel at 4am (9am their time!) 😂 The 2 hotels will have Aug. 2022 available to reserve in about a week or less. will have to wait until Oct. to rebook Delta tickets.

On my bright side, now Leslie & I can go to Abbey Road On The River Sept. 2-5, 2021!