for anyone in the same boat as me, I just received an email back from the official dodgers email account ( is the email I used to send the messsage) and received a reply from and it states

"In section E on the floor, when looking at the stage, seat 1 will be closer to section D and center stage, whereas seat 30 will be closer to section F and would be further away from the stage".

Hope this helps someone out as I was ripping my hair out trying to figure the seat number layout for the show. On ticketmaster it shows the opposite for the Lambeau field show, that 1 starts to the right if you're facing the stage, but in another venue it showed that 1 starts to the left if you're facing the stage. It shouldn't be a huge hassle but make it that way. It's easy to find the seat numbers if you're going to a show that has ticketmaster in charge of the tickets.