gothicartangel_324791 wrote:

Hello Hello good to be here good to be here. How you all doing? hopefully safe and well. I am an artist illustrator and musician, grew up with The Beatles music , a very positive influence my life indeed, Thank God. I got a band and of course like hundred of other musicians d like to have the opportunity to show my darling muisc to our dear Sir Paul, but it seems to be quite impossible to do so, that s what i heard, and i am not going to waste time looking for something that it isnt there, does not exist and after all everyone is entitled to his or her privacy so i decided to post it here hoping (with very small hope) that Sir Paul or  someone else ( Who??? hello )  might lend a ear to my song ,and at the same time is nice to be here, be part of this community who shares the same love for Sir Paul s music and The Beatles too. High Five.

I leave here two Youtube videoclips of me band. Feel free to explore. Thank You for Listening.

Peace and Love



Welcome to you. I hope you enjoy it. 
Little Willow