roseoreilly wrote:

Hello, I'm Karen and married to a musician that loves that Beatles, and who is currently playing in a band - The Marty Rose Band - that happens to play a great Beatles set. Needless to say I have grown to love the music.  Funnily enough, the singer and pianist, Marty, happens to strike an uncanny resemblance to Paul McCartney. If you are in Melbourne, make sure you check them out.



For anyone interested, here is a dropbox link to a short clip of 'Live and let die' that I took on my phone recently in Richmond : and let die.mp4?dl=0

Hi and welcome Karen! He does look a lot like Paul!

I’ve never been to Australia, but would love to go someday. Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor. Met him in 2004 when he was doing The Boy From Oz in NYC on Broadway!