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On their phone or with recording equipment.

Did you put your recording anywhere?

Nah, just on my computer. I'm not sure it's of great interest to anyone especially with all the videos on YouTube. There's even one of an entire show I saw from off to the sides.

I saw that one too. And there are other audience recordings I'm told.

Perth, Melbourne night 1, Melbourne night 2 and Sydney night 2 are bootlegged in full. I'm hoping for  Sydney night 1 as well, for the breakdown during 'Maybe I'm Amazed', which I didn't plan on filming until the next night... I caught his story about Cilla Black ("do you guys do this every night?") though. I've got a lot more footage and stories coming up, slowly but surely working through it in a week or 2.

I haven't seen the show from the 11th around yet.