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I saw on Twitter that Paul McCartney may be playing in Brazil during the World Cup. You can read about this rumour here http://www.latinpost.com/articles/5401/20140101/beyonce-world-cup-star-highlight-opening-ceremony-paul-mccartney.htm


C'mon Paul ! Just one date in Argentina and I'll be satisfied


5th-beatle:According to this new article, Paul's team spent an hour at the stadium in Montevideo and liked what they saw. They are now offering April 19 as the available date for the possible concert and requested a US$ 3 million dollar fee:


That means the rumoured cities and dates are now:

Montevideo - April 19
Lima - April 25
Quito - April 28

Anyway, in the same article, the producer also mentioned that is a "complex negotiation", and that the Paul's team are looking for stadiums all around the world in order to then, make a decision.


And at the same time MaccaMexico keeps saying that Paul won't be playing in Montevideo this tour... Seems hard for me.



FC15:And at the same time MaccaMexico keeps saying that Paul won't be playing in Montevideo this tour... Seems hard for me.

I believe he will play in Montevideo. Are you from Buenos Aires?

Yes, I am. I didn't get tickets for the concert in 2012, so you can imagine how much I want this to happen
It seems that all this rumours will end next week... Out There tour 2014 is around the corner now.


From the official facebook page:
PaulMcCartney.com pre-sale tickets for Santiago will be available from 10am tomorrow.

Sign up by 9pm today to be eligible: http://bitly.com/W2a74N


Does anyone knows this system? For example I am already part of Paul's mailing list. Should I sign up again?

Unfortunately I can't travel to Chile but if he finally plays in Uruguay I want to know how to buy from the official website.
Thank you!


javilu:Guys and gals, the football match in Uruguay had its date moved to April 21 officially.
Guess why?
Montevideo, Uruguay to be confirmed soon!



5th-beatle:Somene in this article mentions why Paul hasn't returned to Argentina yet:


And also he mentions that Paul may tour Brazil in September (listened it on the audio)


Triplets Love Paul I've just sent you a private msg, hope you can read it.

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Magical Mystery Tour was the opener

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