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While I have a certain amount of nostalgia for that album and listen to it from time to time... I think it's one of his weakest.

Although this tune is pretty good it's also so repetitive and smothered in 1980s keyboards.

It's a good melody though. To me it would have been better if he'd used it with a few other half-finished ideas to string together one song that sounded a little more complete. And by half-finished ideas I'm of course referring to the rest of the album.


audi:I can't think of any "weak" elements of any of those songs.

Some of his best lyrics ever.

So you're saying that you like those lyrics "very very very much?"


Kestrel:Press To Play as the dubious honour of being the least popular album of Paul's pop/rock solo albums........according to the reviewers at rateyourmusic.


On a seperate note, the sessions for Press To Play were pretty unpleasant affairs.

Both Eric Stewart and Hugh Padgham assumed that Paul would work on the songs further once in the studio......instead Paul was basically recreating the demos which caused concern from both Eric and Hugh.

Paraphrasing infomation presented in the new Paul McCartney biography, 'Fab' by Howard Sounes, this was one conversation in the studio:

Eric: 'Paul, that vocal's not right.'

(Paul asks Hugh for his opinion)

Hugh: 'Well, it's OK but I'm a sound man, Eric's the musician.'

Paul: 'But what do you think?'

Hugh: 'I don't think it's good enough'.... further suggesting to Paul that more writing was required.

Paul: 'Hugh, when did you write your last number one?'

Hugh later comments ''That's a real kick in the balls,which you don't forget.'

Unhappy with the way the album was progressing, Eric left the sessions early and the album continued for another eighteen months during which time Hugh got thoroughly fed up with Paul.

I'm not sure that any of this ill feeling is reflected in the actual music but i think Eric and Hugh's views that the material was basically weak was spot on and the endless sessions did lead to a rather over-produced sound, especially on a song like Footprints.

That is pretty interesting. However... I think that Paul might have been more right about this situation than Eric or Hugh. Frankly I'd rather have a collection of Paul demos than the overproduced garbage usually associated with Hugh. And although Eric is a great player and singer, he isn't Paul. But maybe he should have produced the album himself. Just as Elvis Costello should have produced Flowers...


I don't like "No More Lonely Nights."



mercyjames:I don't like "No More Lonely Nights."

Whats the matter with you,No More Lonely Nights is a classic.

Follow Me is a song i don't get,it's dull and boring. :

I don't know... that song to me always sounded so calculated. And I'm not a fan of the sound of it either (especially the guitar solo). Although I was a kid in the 80s... I hated nearly everything about the 80s musically.

But I'll agree with you about Follow Me.


I will listen to "Cow" right now!


I am really looking forward to seeing this. He was a very interesting character in the history of pop music.


I've seen only clips of the documentary so far and know only a bit about him. But from the stuff I've heard... he's so unusual. Keeping office hours and actually answering his own phone being just one wacky thing. The fact that he had such high artistic principles and yet he was also smart enough to consider the commercial aspects of his career recording smartly chosen material he did not write.

Do you know if his first album is available on CD? I had heard that it wasn't but it was combined with his second album... but with material omitted. Is this true or are both albums available as they were originally released?


That was great kapoo! Thanks for the info!


To my knowledge he's never offered albums as a two-fer before so I doubt he'll start now.

They are completely different albums for sure although they were both essentially recorded in the same experimental home recording style.

Personally I listen to McCartney II more and would want all the extra tracks that were recorded for it. Plus maybe a DVD of some of the videos would be nice. Maybe include the audio of the The McCartney Interview record that was recorded in 1980 too.