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FrankieJ:On my way to work, I bought a magazine
Inside a pretty girl liked to water ski
She came from Chichester to study history
She had removed her clothes for the likes of me

Can someone tell me if Paul is trying to convey some kind of message here? I can't figure out if he's singing this in a positive way, negative way or just indifferent. Is he condoning the sexualisation of women in magazines or is he against it? Or maybe it's just an observation with no opinion attached. Thoughts?

Your concern about Paul maybe ''condoning sexualisation of women in magazines" is quite a strange and naive attitude. Pornography has always existed and never more than today. How can anyone deny the sexuality of men and women it is a basic and natural part of life. So what if Paul used to look at girlie magazines ? I certainly did and what was in Playboy, Penthouse, etc was certainly tame by today's standard of what is openly available on the net. Every man ,up until the age of the internet, probably saw their first naked woman in a magazine.


Martin Luther:On My Way To Work---what does he mean by "picked the packets up?" The empty packets of cigs? Was he hoping to find one left in them or just being a good Samaritan?

I was puzzled by that line also. I assume he was probably looking for a leftover cigarette because he was too skint after buying the girlie mag.


If the sales of New are a bit slow I think it may be because of the long gap between mainstream albums. It is about 6 years since Memory Almost Full. I think Paul had been on a real roll since Flaming Pie producing quality rock/pop albums and then stopped to concentrate on his niche projects. The general public and even the casual fan can tend to lose interest and are not interested in Paul's side projects. I think it was a mistake not making Electric Arguments into a fully fledged Paul McCartney rock/pop album. The very good live album GENYC seemed like a stop gap measure. While I enjoyed the oldies covers KOTB album, which did also have 2 great original songs, the casual observer may of thought Paul as a producer of original material was a spent force. I think Paul may of been a bit concerned by this and therefore named the new album "New" to emphasize he could still produce original contemporary music which he has done brilliantly on New.


With poor performance of New in UK charts (75) so far compared to US , although US could be better (17 on Billboard). I wonder why Paul's UK fan base or just the general public have lost interest. I often wonder is it the " tall poppy" syndrome. I am sure any objective listener would agree New is a excellent album as most critics have said. So it must be something else working against it.

What do you Brits think ???


As I said on another thread in regard to slowish sales of New. I think Paul made a mistake in the long time between the release of his last mainstream album Memory Almost Full and New. Sure between there were lots of side projects including a live album, a Firman album and the archive series releases but I think the casual fan and general public may of thought Paul was a spent force as a producer of new, original rock/pop music. It was nearly 7 years which amazingly was about the same time between The Beatles first album release Please Please Me and last release Let It Be. I think Electric Arguments with some rejigging should of been released as an official Paul McCartney album around 2010 to break up the drought of mainstream Macca. The pity is that New is such a brilliant album and even most of the critics agree but the fact is unless it's sales pick up it will not be he regarded as such by the general public and the media.


Best since......

Memory Almost Full

I really loved MAF but I am undecided which is better. Maybe New by a tad because it is fresher in my mind . I should play them back to back.

Top 10

1. Ram
2. Band On The Run
3. Tug of War
4. New
5. Memory Almost Full
6. Driving Rain
7. Flaming Pie
8. Red Rose Speedway
9. Venus and Mars
10. Back To The Egg / Wings At The Speed Of Sound


beatlesfanrandy:I relistened to Memory Almost Full just a few days ago, and I must say I was really disappointed after hearing New. To me there are only two good songs on MAF, Only Mama Knows and That Was Me. The rest is really poor I'm afraid. Now I know why there's so many copies of it in the used record and CD shops.

New is at least his best since Flaming Pie.

I can't believe you only think there is only 2 good songs on MAF. Yeh I know we all have different opinions and taste but to say the rest is poor is beyond me. As I said I think there is not that much between MAF and New but I know a lot of people think Chaos & Creation is much better than MAF and one of Paul's best. Well not me IMO. Chaos is too one paced and lacks a few rockers like Only Mama Knows and That Was Me which I notice you like on MAF. I gather your tastes must lean towards Paul's rockier stuff.


Just to get something clear about chart positions and sales figures. Do they include downloads from iTunes or Amazon, etc. If someone downloads a few tracks or half or 10 of the 12 standard album tracks, etc., does it count as a portion of an album sale, ie: 6 tracks = 50% of a standard album. So do all the fraction of album sales get counted in sales figures.
I was just looking at a global album chart and it has New at 18 up from 19 previous week. Not that bad globally.

I think Paul should do a major world tour next year and maybe re-release it with more/different bonus tracks ( I am sure he has some tracks up his sleeve) and a DVD of his promotional videos & TV/pop up shows. In other words a special tour package.


Nancy R:

stuartshire:Most of these are already available on Capitol albums 1 and 2 , although strangely not Yesterday and Today It stops at Rubber Soul...

P.s. i thought Hard Days Night was a United Artists release.

The strikes me as a bizarre re-release.Re-mastered again ?

In the U.S., yes, A Hard Day's Night was a United Artists release, so that's weird.

Perhaps the rights have reverted back to Capitol /EMI/Universal or whoever holds the rights now to the The Beatles recordings because of alot of rights under different laws in different countries are expiring due to I thlnk a 50 years limitation period. It is all very complex but there is something happening with copyright controls because of this.

ActuallyI just read that United Artists Records was actually purchased by EMI back in 1979. In fact I just remembered I have AHDN US version on vinyl with a Capitol label.

Also Magical Mystery Tour should of been a included in Capitol US albums re-releases but of course it has been absorbed into the core catalogue. I guess they could reason it was officially released on EMI Parlophone as early I think as 1973.


Only Our Hearts from KOTB one of Paul's great love songs.