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The world is gonna end in a few hours!


21st Century Paul:

MaccaBeatles:Why this hasn't been promoted as a single is beyond belief, shame this could have been the last time Paul might have had another hit single in his own lifetime.

well if He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother goes #1 this week (it seems it's close to the X-factor single), Paul would add yet another #1 to his list. As a member of big crew but it's a #1 anyway.

I had the same thought. Great for Paul to have another number 1.
And "Cut Me Some Slack" is now also on the main-site to download, so promotion started.



dance-tonight:The world is gonna end in a few hours!

My husband's birthday is December 21st, so he just may be brought into this world and taken out of this world on the same day.

Now what happens with the timezones? Does the world end at different times?

Either that or all at once. But when...who knows?! That's the surprise.



nowords:I bought a rabbit

nowords:Got battery's as well

Alright. This may be one of the best "long term" setups for a joke I've ever seen.

Five days... very impressive!!
(you definitely got ME)

I totally see where he's coming from...



JoeySmith:Come Together & Something both hit #1 in the States.

Those were John and George songs though.

Not sure I understand your categorization then. i thought you listed #1 songs Paul performed on (in addition to writing). For example, Paul didnt write many of the Christmas #1's you listed.

And officially "Come Together" is credited to Lennon/McCartney, no matter how big Pauls real amount on writing that song was. Same goes with other mostly Lennon-written No.1-Beatles-songs. Something is only credited to George, but as mentioned, Paul performed on it.
Otherwise you made a mistake, because you gave Ringo the lead vocals on "Eleanor Rigby" instead of "Yellow Submarine".

But enough of that: Thanks for the list, it's impressive. Great songs and many classics on it. Most of them deserve to be No.1, no real surprises for me because I'm familiar with Pauls catalog. Maybe "My Love" shouldn't have been a No.1, to pick one, too cheesy for me (many other would say that about "Ebony and Ivory", which I love and think deserve to be on the number one spot). Otherwise are many songs missing, Paul should've at least 20 more No.1-songs, so many brilliant songs are hidden on his albums.


Merry christmas everyone!


The Stones "don't have an immense back catalogue" and play only "20 mediocre songs"? Yeah right. :
As much as I love Paul's music (and if i have to choose, I would choose his concert, at least if I haven't seen both, but I saw Paul already and the Stones not, so maybe today I would choose the Stones), the Stones are nearly equal. Name one band/artist (except Paul/Dylan), who has a bigger back catalogue than the Stones with their 14 #1-albums, nearly every album in the Top 3 in the US and the UK. And I have a few Live-DVDs, they really still rock and played (at least at their last Bigger Bang-Tour) also 30 songs, not 23. Their prices are too high these days, yes, but it seems people pay a lot of money to see the Stones. They can't be so bad, can't they?

oobu: I have that book too, very interesting to read. So much talent in both bands, no wonder these are the two most important and successful bands ever.

Thread: Stones vs. Paul

Nancy R:I thought the B-side of Hey Jude was Revolution? Or were you just making up an example?

Yes it was an example, what would've been if "Don't Pass Me By" would've been the b-side of "Hey Jude". ;)


I don't think that anyone cares or gonna miss me, but anyway: I just wanted to say that I'm out here for a few months, don't know when I'll be back and return to this forum (if at all). I have many things to do with studies and other private things so I won't have time to read and write here in this forum, at least for the next time. It was a nice ride, even if many "old" members aren't here either anymore.
So, take care and see you somewhere along the line. ;)