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The_Fool:testing five six seven .... eight

Fool... you make me laugh....


Hey Paulmusic,

I wish people would answer this one... I really haven't read much poetry at all, so I don't have a favorite poet...sorry... I would like to know some good ones, so I am going to check out your suggestions...

About a month ago, someone told me about Pablo Neruda, so he is the only poet who's poems I've read... I can't compare them to any others. I tried a few like his...

I have tried to write a bit in the style of some of the people here on beginnings and endings, for example, I tried to write a bit like Jason Luis Rivera on a couple of poems...

Then there was Wilhamina who probably got me started because I liked her poems so much... and of course Crossover Genius and Angry Ninja, Kiriwana and Hey_Kittay are the regulars that I always enjoy...

I then listened to a song from Jason Myraz which I liked and I wrote a few to him and also wrote a few from listening to a song I like from Robbie Williams

I see Maccalindandme has had some really nice poems here also...

I hope someone else gives me some ideas here...


Paulmusic:Thanks For The Comments Guys I Apprechiate It And Here Comes Another One:
Friends is just another word
for family. The one's that are
the smartest, funniest, and awesomest.
The one's without an expiration date.
The one's that are forever young and
young forever. Friends is another
word for a eternity of laughter,
and caring of sorts. Making fun
of each other Isn't that what
suppose to do anyway?
Having inside jokes like dingo.
Making epic fails. Liking
the same kinds of music like
Mettalica, Breaking Benjamin,
and the Beatles. Getting on each
others nerves by repeating things
also complaining about the same
things which in this case is so
Thomas saying ?My ass still hurts
from Kayla kneeing me I think
I have a bruise.? Also me complaining
that Thomas talks to much
and saying ?Do you ever shut up.?
Also threatening to not be
each others friends if we don't stop.
Friends is another word for
family. That's why were here.
Please Comment On This One Two I Love Poems And I Want To Know How Mine Are So Please Comment doesn't Have To Be Long It Can Say It Stinks If You Think It Does Say Anything You Think Of It I Don't Care But Please Comment


I really like this... it does reflect the love of friends... awww made me think of a friend I haven't seen in a while....


That is absolutely breathtaking...xxlovemccartneyxx I didn't know about this... do you recommend any others?



Paulmusic:There's Always Someone Who You Can't Get Enough Of Because They Make You Feel On Top Of The World,Makes You Smile,laugh,Can't Get Enough Of,And You Always Forget What You Get Mad About At That Person

YESPaulmusic They are called friends!!!

Exactly Like You Your One Of My Friends!!!! 2:

Awww Back at Cha Friend!!!! 2:


patpatpatti: ME THREE!!! (i guess there's four)

what is a post a crush/husband/boyfriend, paulmusic????

Me Four!!!! What are we talking about?! LOL Silli Willi


Kevin Willetts:This is a painting I've done, of Paul in 1961....a very youthful Paul.


Paul looks so young in that picture...


I have a crush on a cardboard cut out...


Wow, these are really wonderful... It would be so hard to write in that older style of talking now days. I really enjoyed them all so far!!! This is a good thread...



love2travel:Hey Jempuu... I thought Paul was supposed to meet you at every 1000th post... did you see him? I just had my 2000th post and I've been looking for him to show up!


Just something I read somewhere on here one time.... that Paul meets everyone here on their 1000th posts, 2000 posts etc. I thought of it when I saw Jempuu's post. Must have been one of the guys, trying to get the girls all excited here... just passing on some fun... and everyone's secret wish I'm sure. We all know he is really busy...

Don't believe everything you read!

I thought it was understood that it was all a big joke! I'm sorry if you actually believed it! It was meant to be a joke!

I am gullible... I guess I can stop looking around for Paul, you are telling me... darn...