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Paulmusic:Thanks Loves2travel Do You Make Poems And Are They Any Good?

Yes, and I like them... I don't really know poems well enough to say if they are good tho... no clue?!

I have some in here and some in Beginnings and Endings... they're fun!!!


Paulmusic:Yes They Are Can You Tell Me How This Poem Is Loves2travel First Than Anyone Because I Trust You One Of The Most Other Than Pat And A Couple Others But Please loves2travel Judge It first Thanks Here It Is:
Just Plain Me
Me? Yeah I'm weird, happy, funny,
creepy but that's just plain me.
Reading fanatic, nature and animal lover,
fun loving, karate queen, neon loving,
competive, awesome, addictive personality.
Well that's just plain me to. This
is only half the story though there's much
more but promise this is a secret of
ours cause that's just plain me to
so shh shh secret kay?Hope People Like it ops:

Hey Paulmusic... Awwww Thanks for the trust...
I like it and I'm getting an idea of who you are like...
but honestly, I would leave out the word creepy... not a good word for describing yourself (even if you are )
You are creepy?!?! ??? Run..... :shockSee what I mean?)
Everything kind of grinds to a halt... and you want things to flooowww... smoothly
Poems are to each individual, so you can make them however you like.
I like to use a Thesaurus, so if I'm thinking of a word, I can maybe get something like it but a bit different. I also like rhymezone.com to get rhyming words, because I like words to rhyme... but you don't have to. Actually, Crossover Genius has studied poems in school and and she has given me some pointers... so I would maybe PM her too.

And I promise Girl Scouts honor, that I won't tell anyone...

Go over to Beginnings and Endings... that is a fun way to start writing poems... that's how I started writing poems.... Cheers !!! and remember Mum is the word


Away for a day? a week year and month
I live on the road, my life in a trunk
I travel so far? don't know what comes next
A traveler keeps moving that's part of the code
I can only see as far, as the bend in the road

The future is blurry, I haven't a clue
I am in no hurry, to clear up the view
Will I be fired, because of a shrew
Time will tell soon, but I hope it's not true


Any time, friend 'o mine Paulmusic

Cheers!!! Peace and Love to you too!!! (Don't cha just love it when Ringo says this?!!)



love2travel:Any time, friend 'o mine Paulmusic

Cheers!!! Peace and Love to you too!!! (Don't cha just love it when Ringo says this?!!)

Yep Totally And Have You Read The Parts Of The Story Me And Pat Made????
Peace & Love To Ringo & Paul Always Paulmusic

I did, very fun.... but I can't find them now... I'l just fly around peacefully.... I had a busy week.... wish I could have adventured more with you two... Cherrios...


Crossover Genius:Because I was sick all weekend, I'm home from school.

Because I'm missing three tests and a whole day of working with my group that I really need, tomorrow won't be very fun...

Because I've missed seeing you all so much, I'll have to get on more often.

Because school's been hectic and crazy and life's been insane, I haven't had much time...

Because guitar's going fabulous and I'm looking into purchasing my own violin instead of my rental, thank you for asking love2travel!

Because I miss you... so good to hear from you and you letting us know how you are doing...*huggles***



doris mendlovitz:Lets see if Paul mcCartney and Nancy Shevel can do the Peppermint Twist. Its time for him to get back down to earth with the rest of us.
love doris.

what do you mean?

It's like he's looking down on Earth... from far away...



Great poems Kiriwana Crossover!!! Yay... so good to see you!!!! How's school?

Delight of a puppy
So pleasant to see
His little tail wagging
when he sees me

The joy and the love
in his little heart shows
He's cute as a button
With his little black nose

Puppies and babies and kitties too
They melt all your feelings
To a syrupy goo
Next thing you know
you'll be talking like this?
Oh you wittle cutie
you little boo boo
Cause that's where they
get cha
Every time? yeah you betcha


The latest magical poem....appearing from the ether

Love inside that burns so bright
Like a fire in the night
Passion like a molten stream
flows straight to the hearts delight

Fire that burns with hot desire
Wrestling lovers, transported higher
Flaring fires, Sparking wires
Holy, sacred, heaven inspired
Trees ablaze, a low low moan
Taken to the danger zone


Kevin Willetts:This is the one I've done for the 2010 'Up and Coming Tour' a recent one of Paul. Again watercololur on paper.


I really like this one Kevin... Great Tour as well!!! Thanks for sharing all of these...