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I'm going to have to make you a larger Viking hat....


I close my eyes..... ahhhhhhh finally a break from some really mean people.... ahhhh the sun is coming out again... and the rain has finally stopped.... lots of flowers...


Paulmusic:Because I'm Awesomely Awesome

LOL... because I thought your head might be swelling up in size.... j/k



Paulmusic:Because I'm Awesomely Awesome

LOL... because I thought your head might be swelling up in size.... j/k

LOL Why Did I Have A Airhead(The Candy) And It Affected me Or Something Is It Back To Normal Size Now Or Still The Size of A Over Grown Balloon??????

Well either way, don't worry, the new larger hat will keep it from getting too large... or even Popping..... "POW" OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO

So you will be safe.... Whew... How are you feeling???? I think you'll be OK now.... Yeah.... Whew....


Paulmusic:That's A Cute Puppy L2T Is It Yours????
And What's The Point Of The Thread Again L2T????

Paulmusic.... Beginnings and Endings is where you take the last word, or last sentence that was used, and then write a line, or a poem, using that last word as the beginning for what you write....

maccalindandme:LovetoTravel - I just love your doggie,awe!!! it kind of Looks Like the Kind of Dog Linda Had! A Westie! I want one too!

Hi maccalindandme! Linda had a Westie? are you sure? I thought she just had cats? I never saw her Westie... just curious...wow...do you have a pic?

It is not my puppy.... awwwww shucks.... but when I wrote the poem, it really felt like it needed a picture... so I chose a few, but when I saw that one... well... it had to be the one, right!!! Look at his face.... it said "Pick me, pick me" Cause Awwwwww I want him tooooooooo..... My sister has a little apricot poodle that I love so much... I dogs!!! Woof, Woof, Woof...

I have written 2 poems starting with nothing, and I don't like either....


Miss Becky.... That is so beautiful... Wow... a really good one.... thanks for sharing that


Paulmusic:Awesome Poem, L2T Here's Mine:
Daydreaming About My Crush
Daydreaming is fun I do it all the time
outside, inside, playing, talking doing
everything. Espelly about my
crush. Who You'd ask? A guy
in my grade who's second or third
shortest. Who's kind of chubby for his
height being 4'11''. I think youngest
in our grade to. Please Please say
the name only first come on Please?
Fine Fine his name is Tom, Thomas,
Overacheiver, Tina, or Small Fry all except
Thomas being my nicknames for him.
Of course he has some for me which is
Underachiver, Clo, Big Fry, and
dog sometimes calling me Chloe but
rarely. Daydreaming is fun. Don't you think so to?
Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are so right Paulmusic.... daydreaming is so much FUN I see you have quite a crush on Tomas... crushes are absolutely the most fun to daydream about, just like your poem!! It sort of gets you thru your day.... doesn't it?

Here's a recycled poem from a link that Gypsygirl had about poem starters... I really liked the link because she would give you the first couple of lines.... it was fun to make a story.

Parallel Dreams

Arm in arm we walk
Treading softly cross the moors
The mist it rises, landscape dreams
Echoes songs of the past
In this unbroken scope
Far as the eye can see
I am finally home at last

And in the distance, I hear the sound
The Uilleann pipes they call to me
The invisible cord tied to the past
Ancient Celts dancing in the firelight
The sound of the waves, dance upon the sands
An Eagles wing floats in the air

Let me lie and hold you close
Feel the beating of your heart
Fragrant flowers fill the air
In our secluded misty lair
A moment transfixed in eternity
The stars of serendipity
Parallel dreams


Paulmusic.... I really liked the part about Italy.... it's kind of like my Italian one... haaaa funny... do you have ESP?! Where is the haunted place?

I see myself in a pool, floating on a pool float.... a glass of something good in the cup holder and just relaaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxing.... ahhhhhhhhh I'm going to stay here for a while.... 2: floaaaaaaaating...... floaaaaaaating...... floaaaaating....away the day... and I am floating with my good friend, and we are looking up and telling each other what the cloud formations look like.... I see a smiling face in the clouds...... wave to the face in the cloud.... 2: Hi


Paulmusic:Actually in Venice Italy it's a dessrtedisland in the water you have to take a boat there if you want info on it i'll tell you more about it and hi l2t how are you????

Hi Paulmusic....I was just talking to someone about Venice the other day...and being in a boat with them on the canals.... that's why I said do you have ESP....

I felt a ghost or spirit in a castle in England, didn't know anything about it before hand... nothing... but I reported the same thing that another person had reported feeling in this room... it was scary.... and then when I read that someone else felt exactly the same feeling I did, in the same exact spot... well we are talking major goose bumps going up both arms right now... So I think I might be sensitive to that kind of stuff... just a bit...

So yes... tell me about the haunted place in Venice.... I am really curious about it...

I close my eyes and I hear the pigeons in St. Marks Square and hear the symphony playing.... and I open them and the most beautiful cathedral is in front of me with beautiful mosaics and a wavy like water floor and I really like the blue mosaics with the gold stars and it reminds me of my favorite painting by van Gogh. And it is soooooo sooooo beautiful....


Dr. Who marathon on BBC America today until 1500 Eastern time. Right now is a two parter with Dalecks and Cybermen. The Runaway Bride with David Tennet...

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