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lazydynamite88:I KNOW.!
some of these members on here can be so cuel and negative towards pauls art at times

Yeah, they probably think the same thing about Picasso too : and while I'm on the roll Kandinsky, Miro, Klee, Kossoff, Auerbach, Freud, O'Keefe, DeKooning, Bacon, Matisse, Magritte, Modigliani, Dali, Twombly, Greaves etc. Paul's art could hang in any museum that these artists have and it's sad that not that many people even appreciate that!!! : As a matter of fact, I wish he would put his art in a museum such as the Tate Modern or MOMA... they deserve to be there... I hope he has them up somewhere... they are very beautiful!!!!!


Triplets Love Paul:

love2travel: to you and the Triplets

in return, l2t!

Thanks Triplets Love Paul... I wish they had put the Triplets in their white suits, up on camera at least, in Philly... they looked so adorable!!

I don't think I posted this, found it lying around...

Summer Daze

Right beside you here I lie
Watching clouds float in the sky
The sounds of summer fading soon
Cicadas in the trees they hummm
Waves of sound both high and low
the insect love song buzzing strong

The sounds grow mute
The sun it flashes
Where did I put my sunglasses
the last warm days?
a summer's haze
Oh I love these lazy summer daze


Kevin Willetts:

Kevin Willetts:Hi, I usually post in 'what's that you're doing' part of the forum but this is in support of the very worthy Meat Free Monday campaign..

My little contribution..a drawing I've done.


THREE cheers for your Meat Free Monday campaign cartoon!


Thanks hey_kittay..

here's another I've done..


I love these Kevin... The color is nice You are so talented....


I liked this uTube from Neil Young


He has many patents under his name... YAY Neil for being green... I hope this gets developed!!


GYPSYGIRL:I close my eyes & imagine I've wandered into a faerie ring & have shrunk down to their size & have been invited to join them in their dance

That's cool I like that one!! Can I borrow it too?


oobu24:auto-tune my dog!

That had to be enhanced... what do you think? What a beautiful dog... really pretty eyes... She did say I Love You... awww I enjoyed that one... Thanks!!


Lovin it in Lavita... ops: ... sang this one really loud till I found out recently what the words were

Love in an Elevator... Steven Tyler


Triplets Love Paul:Doctor Who

Series 4, Episodes 5 - 9

BBC America

Tuesday, 5th October

Begins 10 AM

Thanks so much, I will be sure to catch this... it seems it should be time for more Matt!!

Thread: Doctor Who

Still my all time favorite pet trick over the years has been:

Gizmo the Cat


GYPSYGIRL:La Isla Bonita by Madonna

"Just call me an island sleaze

All my body yours for free

This is who I long to be

Louise the Bone Eater"

Correct lyrics:

Tropical the island breeze

All of Nature wild and free

This is where I long to be

La Isla Bonita

I laughed til I cried and then I drooled... SO FUNNY!! I think these are better words than the orginal... LOL Did you let Madonna know?! LOL