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What ever happened to the guy who did the Maccaspan uTubes for Paul's songs? They were truly some of the most beautiful videos... I think that's what his name was... They were my favorites...


GYPSYGIRL:Is there anyone else here who dresses up their dogs (and cats) for Halloween? Or for any occasions/holidays at all?

Our oldest dog refuses to even wear a sweater but our Yorkie loves getting dressed up.

I love dogs dressed up for Halloween!!! So cute, and the costumes are all so amazing.... I can't believe how creative people are with their dog's costumes.

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nowords:what are dogs for ????????????????????

I think dogs are a gift from God.... they are man's companion...they are here to show us LOVE


You're all so dear, let me make myself clear
the love and the light, it's such a delight
I take a tall ladder, lean it up on some boxes
They reach up so high, almost clear to the sky
I climb up the ladder, climb up straight to the top
Like up in an eagles perch, I look far below
I'm on top of the world, I feel the wind blow
I gaze out below, the sun lights the ground
At the top of my lungs?. I shout out "HELLOOOOO" 2:


Wilhamina, so good to see you again

Fridge is cold but has a leak
Food is rotten, looking bleak
Stoves not working, oven's dead
Can't cook dinner, find the bread

Oh, now things are looking bad
No tasty treats are to be had
Whatever am I going to do?
Feeling hungry, feeling blue...

Find another point of view
Call a restaurant, join the queue


Triplets Love Paul, thanks so much... <3

Sharing the light from Home

Sharing the light from Home
Goes with me wherever I roam
Like the fire that burns in my heart
Keeps me warm on the coldest of nights

The light of the love that's inside
It's so bright, it refuses to hide
Silly grin on my face,It's only the trace
Of a fire that's roaring, in my fireplace

Tho not all is happy, I'm feeling quite snappy
To the tune that plays on in my head
Cause I've found the key, to a big part of me
And I can't stuff it down, or put on a frown

Cause I'm twirling and dancing
I'm on a horse prancing
Making love to the world, such a force to behold
And I don't want to hide it, I'm not going to fight it

So world here I am, and I'm taking a stand
Some things may be bad, but please don't be sad
Love finds a way, to bring out the smiles
There's a song made to fit every situation

So please play a song, and we'll all sing along
And this time choose a happy one

♪♫?*¨*?.¸¸♥ ¸¸.?*¨*?♫♪ ♥ ♥ ♥♪♫?*¨*?.¸¸♥ ¸¸.?*¨*?♫♪ ♥ ♥ ♥♪♫?*¨*?.¸¸♥ ¸¸.?*¨*?♫♪


Because the only thing we can change is ourselves...


My next dog is going to be a lap dog...


Where's some info about John Lennon in NYC today?


Triplets Love Paul:Google celebrates John Lennon's 70th birthday...



LOVE it!!!

Thanks for posting this... I LOVE IT TOO
Did anyone notice that when you hit the red arrow button, there is a little animation too?


Good idea Gypsygirl I'm closing my eyes now.... tighter now.... sprinkle fairy dust... wishing..... abracadabra... "POOF" the genie just appeared oooh ooooh magic