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Clickable link for you oobu:


OMG, Dick Clark acted like an old letch! 

I never knew the song was about a little girl! Always thought it was about at least a teenage girl! 

Yellow ~ Coldplay

NancyR I'm quite sure you are reading that wrong. When bikinis first came out they created quite a scandal on how skimpy they were. Mothers & Fathers, didn't want their teenage  daughters wearing bikinis. I believe Dick Clark's comment was to the song, not the little girl.   Little children were pretty asexual then and parents sent both the boys and girls out in just underpants, to jump in the sprinklers on a hot day. They were banned by the Vatican and girls had to cover their bellybutton, back in 1960 when that was made. Of course Europeans probably had bikinis earlier. We still don't go topless on beaches. 


He says "Check out the girl in the bikini" then whistles and growls! He couldn't get away with that today! (even if he was just "kidding around.") 


Mellow YELLOW - Donovan

Big YELLOW Taxi ~ Joni Mitchell

As far a Dick Clark, I have watched him over many years and he strikes me as a family man and a overall positive guy. I really don't see your interpretation there...  or they would have put on the teenager in the bikini. 



Thought I posted this...Paul having coffee with the astronaut Luca Parmitano.  Luca is on the International Space Station.  He was sitting at the Cupola windows, looking down on to Earth. 

Wondering what music of Paul's brought them together? 



The Horsehead Nebula, one of my faves


The Magnetic Fields of a Spiral Galaxy...very cool



Walthamstow, Scarborough, East Ham


What is the one about throwing someone out a plane!? The more I read, the more this becomes clear. 



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Kenny Lynch, who was on the cover of Band On The Run, at age 81.





Didn't realize the many things he was involved in! Quite interesting to see.

Kestral, thanks for posting that Band on the Run YT. There was Linda with her, now famous, polaroid camera! That was very interesting to see her take those photos and I expect to see some of them at her next exhibition. 


Egypt Station, McCartney returns to Number 1 in the Billboard 200 ~ Rolling Stone

Good Job on that Paul 🎉🎆




Summertime Summertime ~ the Jaimes


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Wonderful Christmastime is Paul on autopilot. Not one of his finest hours.

We should all be able to write a song like that on "autopilot!" If I had a gun to my head I couldn't come up with as good of a Christmas song! Agree to disagree. 😉

NancyR if you had a gun to your head... which is a strange thought... but I'm sure you could come up with something even if it was one of those many  Christmas  song's that repeat a lot !! 

When Ebony and Ivory came out, I remember being happy that Paul was doing his bit to address the struggles of Racial inequalities in 1982.  That made the song even better!

Stevie Wonder has such a signature funk, over all of his song's and harmonica too. Really love that about his music! Happy to hear the bounce at any time.  



Thanks for posting that!