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Lula_inthesky:*Abel, ¿where are you? vas a alguna fecha?

Como andas flaca? Tenia planeado ir al de Flaming Pie o al de "McCartney Hits". Nube 9 toca una linda version de "No More Lonely Nights" y es casi seguro que lo van a tocar en esa fecha. Cuando este seguro, te aviso.
Espero que estes bien.
Un beso, chau!


Press Release Source: Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing

George Harrison's Living In The Material World to be Reissued in CD and Deluxe Limited Edition CD/DVD Packages by Capitol/EMI
Tuesday June 20, 5:17 pm ET
Remastered CD Adds Two Bonus Tracks; Deluxe Edition's DVD Features Previously Unreleased and Rare Archival Film and Audio Clips
In Stores: September 26, 2006

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing is proud to announce the reissue of George Harrison's Living In The Material World album on September 26, 2006.
The CD will be issued in two formats. Both packages will contain the album, which has been re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios from the original analog tapes. The new version also includes two additional tracks, "Deep Blue" (originally a B-side from 1971) and "Miss O'Dell" (the B-side to "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)").

The single-disc package's jewel case will contain a 12-page booklet with lyrics and extra photographs. The special limited edition package will house the CD and a companion DVD with an expanded 40-page booklet. The set's exclusive DVD features:

* Rare footage of George performing "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On
Earth)" from his 1991 Japanese tour with Eric Clapton.
* A mini-feature edited from film commissioned by George in 1973 of the
album's production in Britain and America.
* Previously unreleased versions of "Miss O'Dell" and "Sue Me, Sue You
Blues" set to visuals of unseen archival material.

Historical Notes -- Kevin Howlett
Living In The Material World was George's second solo album of new songs following the Beatles' break-up in 1970 and its lyrical focus revealed his continuing mission to explore spiritual themes. Many people would hear his message. Five weeks after its release in May 1973, the LP and its single 'Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)' simultaneously occupied the number one positions on the US albums and singles charts.

The success of the album continued a winning streak that had begun with the release of All Things Must Pass. Featuring the worldwide number one 'My Sweet Lord', the triple LP set had topped the US album chart at the beginning of 1971. Later that year, George masterminded two remarkable concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York to help raise awareness and money for the starving refugees from Bangladesh. The commercial success of the Concert For Bangladesh live album was emphatic and unprecedented -- another triple LP box set that was a best seller around the world -- and it won an 'Album of the Year' Grammy Award.

For Living In The Material World, George assembled a core group in the Apple Studio in London consisting of Nicky Hopkins and Gary Wright on keyboards, Klaus Voormann on bass and Jim Keltner on drums. They recorded backing tracks which received varying degrees of enhancement through subsequent overdubs. The most complex musical arrangement on the album is heard on the title track. Having played together at the Concert For Bangladesh, Ringo Starr and Jim Keltner perform their 'double drums' on 'Living In The Material World' and the brass parts were played by Jim Horn with help from Klaus Voormann on tenor saxophone. The gentler sections of the song feature tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussein and Jim Horn on flute and recorders.

The slide guitar playing heard throughout All Things Must Pass had quickly become associated with the George Harrison 'solo' sound and it is equally prominent on Living In The Material World. The exquisite dual harmony slide guitar parts on 'Give Me Love' were integral to that track's gentle power and on 'Sue Me, Sue You Blues', George revealed a bluesy side to his playing -- more bottleneck than Hawaiian in its style.

The four gentle ballads -- 'Be Here Now', 'The Day The World Gets Round', 'The Light That Has Lighted The World' and 'Who Can See It' -- are heartfelt reflections on how to live a spiritual life in the turmoil of the material world -- 'where there's so little chance to experience soul'. The joyous 'Don't Let Me Wait Too Long' picks up on the 'really want to see you' theme of 'My Sweet Lord'. The spiritual nature of these songs is mirrored in the artwork on the gatefold LP sleeve, which featured an illustration from the Bhagavad-Gita.

At the foundation of Living In The Material World are George's unwavering sincerity and integrity. These are rare qualities in mainstream popular music and should be treasured and nurtured wherever they are discovered. This is a welcome and timely re-issue.


Source: Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing

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Living in the material world no es precisamente mi disco favorito de George, pero ahi hay varias canciones que me gustan por ejemplo Give me love (Give me peace on earth) sin duda una de mis preferidas de George como solista.
que bueno que sigan sacando material con extras. y a parte con DVD.
Yo no he escuchado "Deep Blue" and "Miss O'Dell" ...

En fin veremos que tal está.

"Deep Blue" es el lado b del simple "Bangladesh" (fue escrito para su madre, quien murio de cancer en 1970)y "Miss O' Dell" es el lado b de "Give Me Love". Justo hoy la estaba escuchando a esta ultima cancion, y me parecio que los primeros acordes de "Your Way" ("Driving Rain") eran muy parecidos... Despues me fijo.


Thread: Fans Latinos

Hola! En youtube.com hay dos videos que aparentan ser del nuevo espacial de A&E. Son "Jenny Wren" y "I've Got A Feeling".

Thread: Fans Latinos

Lula_inthesky:podes mandar los links ehhh ajaajaja o te hacen chas chas si lo pones???
besos abe!

jajajaja como va Lula? La verdad es que no tengo idea de como funciona en este foro, pero en el de Harrison, si pones alguna direccion "rara" te la borran al toque.
Besos Lula, espero que sigas bien!

Thread: Fans Latinos

No se si alguien ya posteo este link. Yo lo acabo de ver. Muy muy bueno:



Lula_inthesky:"MALDITO ABEL!!! me parece que voy el sabado.. .tus ondas negativas llegaron a mi y a los que van conmigo ajjaajjajajajajj la macumba no vale!!!!

Supongo que voy el sabado. Te aviso.
Besos, chau!


La verdad que no me gusto el tema nuevo... Despues de Chaos esperaba algo mejor. Pero bueno, habra que escuchar el disco entero.


PD: gracias Superbet por el link.


Recién escuché "Dance Tonight" y la verdad, tengo que decir que me sigue pareciendo flojo... Parece un lado "b" escrito sin ganas. Espero que el resto del LP sea mejor que estos dos temas.
Dale Paul, ponete las pilas!


superbet:Y, la verdad, no me convence... Un par de temas puede ser, pero el resto... Mmmmmmh....

La verdad que no me gusta casi nada, muy flojo
De todas maneras, esperemos a escucharlo entero.