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Mine arrived as well today! Will open it up when I get home. I'm behaving and letting it sit under my desk at work.



paulfan11:Mine arrived as well today! Will open it up when I get home. I'm behaving and letting it sit under my desk at work.


Thanks! Took a peek just a bit ago, awesome set!


Nancy R:s**t, I don't care. It was one of the best nights of my life and he sounded amazing for almost 71! Of course you can't compare it with WOA in 1976 where he was at his ****ing peak vocally (and sexy as hell, I might add!) But he was a damn sight better than the Jubilee or the Olympics, that's for sure!

(well, I know this post will be censored!)

I can't wait until July!


Thisbe211:Oh, boy...I see there is currently a tornado watch for Tulsa, till 11 P.M. Bad storms making people late for the show; some cannot make it at all.

Not what OK needs right now. everybody stay safe!


McFangirl:Very well stated RMartinez!! I went to the Austin Shows--did soundcheck/hotsound pkg the first night. I have waited my whole life to see a Beatle in concert. I have no complaints whatsoever. I think those were 2 of the most exciting nights of music I've ever had. Yes, I'm a first-timer and yes I went with an open heart, mind and ears and got everything I was expecting and more. It was only when I came to this website's forums that I felt let down. It seems that many people here are SO jaded and just want to criticize the set list-- criticize Paul's voice-- criticize the between- song banter, yada, yada, yada!! I really feel that all of you nitpickers should stop and think about your critical stances. I think that we should feel privileged to breathe the same air to walk the same ground as this ultimate music ICON. The fact that he chooses to entertain us at almost 71 I find amazing and thrilling! Go ahead--tell me I'm all "pizza and fairy tales"--and I will thank you for it!! Peace and love, people!

love this post!


liverpoolbride:I don't see why the board members can't get a break on seats..

After all , we are loyal fans who(in some cases) are the real fan base.


Now let's not all start with the real fan stuff again. I know alot of huge McCartney fans that don't come to or post in this board.


edschen:Anything close to confirmation that Paul will be playing on Friday? I have a chance at some one-day passes, and want to know if I should snap them up...

I've been checking but so far haven't seen a lineup of who's playing when. I've only seen three day passes still available, where did you find day passes?


edschen:Mine is through friends. I've heard that some resellers are splitting up packages.

"Official" Day Passes have been sold in previous years, but that is no guarantee they will come into existence this time, particularly given the headliner


Yes, I think if day tickets are eventually released I'll go the evening Paul is on. Otherwise we will just go and sit in the park and listen when he's on.


Thisbe211:Probably the most security I've seen at a Paul concert.

Most likely had more security than usual because of all the other celebs and government officials there. Someone said there was a lot more security down on the main floor as well because of Bloomberg.


MarkinSouthJersey:More pics:


Great pictures! Making me even more excited for DC now! About a month left to wait!