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KingMacca:Any updates?

It's gotten a bit quiet...hope we didn't slip into the pit of despair...you know- the closing electric set that hasn't changed since 2005 :



nobodytoldme:MR KITE!!!!


What you said!


nobodytoldme:'LOVELY RITA'

Excuse me while I SCREAM!


What a great list of songs. can't wait for DC!



nowords:New tour name same songs

nowords:Must be so more t shirts can be sold

nowords:well unless the set list changes what else can it mean

Well tonight's performance lays this notion to rest...




moptops:Appreciate what your doing but 500 billiom people there in Brazil and not one enterprising enough to upload the new songs asap....


the suspense is killing us!

Seriously buddy...what are they all doing? Enjouying themselves probably, but you think at least 1 person would uploas asap, and not the 2 songs he's been doing since birth!

Grrrrr...c'mon BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well considering it's the middle of the night in Brazil? We probably won't see most videos posted for a while.


TheTaxman:Those who complain, will always complain. I don't care what he plays, I am just happy seeing him! However this, for me, is spectacular! When I see him in July the set list will be ALMOST completely different from the first time I saw him.

Same here Taxman! I haven't been fortunate enough to see Paul 20 plus times like some here have, so for me this is wonderful! This will be my third Paul concert and even if he hadn't changed the set list as much as he did this time around, I would STILL be there with a huge smile on my face and loving every minute!

Bring on July!


blue jay hey:

calicoskych2001:Another Girl
Martha My Dear

I'm sure there are a couple more!

hold me tight
and im not sure if hes done im looking through you

Yes I heard him do "Looking Through You" 3 years ago live.



WixRocks!:Wow, that's just what I'd expect from this forum. Everyone gets on here everyday and complains about no changes to the set and this and that and blah blah blah, then he finally does a noteworthy overhaul...

2009- 22 Beatles/ 6 Wings/ 7 Solo
2010- 22 Beatles/ 10 Wings/ 5 Solo
2011- 25 Beatles/ 7 Wings/ 5 Solo
2012- 26 Beatles/ 6 Wings/ 6 Solo
2013?- 23 Beatles/ 9 Songs/ 4 Solo

I'd like to see those numbers from each of those years...flipped.

I don't! But opinions aside, it isn't realistic at all. Paul McCartney is special and not really comparable.

He certainly is not an oldies act either. I don't know any oldies acts that sell out stadiums. The Beach Boys are an oldies act. An Oldies act is something that takes songs that were hits back in their hey-day and just keeps cramming them at you.

Exactly. And also Paul has such a big age range of people at his shows, generations of fans that pack those stadiums and arenas to see/hear him. If Paul was an "Oldies act" you mostly likely wouldn't see kids and teenagers at his shows.


RMartinez:Just for some perspective:

Can you imagine people in 1965 paying about $75 to see a performer sing songs from the year 1915??

Or in 1975 paying about $100 to hear someone sing songs from 1925?

Or in 2013 paying $1000 to hear a singer sing songs from 1963?

Ooops! Nevermind!

Being a Paul AND Beatles fan, I for one don't mind hearing those Beatles songs live sung by someone who WAS a Beatle. Not saying I don't ever want to hear his solo stuff as well, because I do enjoy that as well, but I sure as heck don't mind hearing songs from 1963 sung live.