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I love Wix, but on stage I'd rather he just play piano only. And keyboards for the songs that require it (like the solos on Jet, and Band On The Run.)

But for stuff like Got To Get You Into My Life, bring out a real brass band.

Or a real string quartet for Yesterday.

It makes a huge difference, and Paul can afford it.

I'm not knocking Wix. I think he's great.

But some of Wix' keyboards replicating real instruments, irritates me.

Even the Fab Faux, (at 1/4 of Paul's ticket price), use a real brass and string section.

Thread: Wix Wickens!!!

Paul avoids turkey, since he's a vegetarian.


FedEx will only deliver on Saturdays, if the shipper paid an additional fee for Saturday Delivery. I doubt CrowdSurge did, since it's like twice as expensive as regular M-F delivery.

I wouldn't expect the tickets to arrive until Tuesday at the earliest, since Monday is a holiday.


im assuming Yankee Stadium.

I havent sat there personally. (Has there even been any shows yet at the new Yankee Stadium yet?)

But I've been in similar located seats in other venues. Not very good. VERY far off to the sides.


To clarify my earlier post a bit, it's probably not that bad if you're closer to the "A3" side of the aisle.

But if you're closer to "A1", it's probably not so good.


5th-beatle:By the way, THE NIGHT BEFORE has been performed live at least once by The Beatles, during a BBC radio session in 1965.

BBC doesn't count.