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Did they really walk on stage singing ?Hey Jude?? P

Some newspaper articles





Terrific news!!!! It will be the premiere concert of the tour ,so it's great fun to be there when new songs are performed!

Perhaps he will add a second show on Sat.night, July 16th?


Can anyone find a tentative seating chart for concerts at Yankee Stadium?

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Great chart!!!!

Many, many thanks, DrivinFan!!!!


Forget64 wrote:

DrivinFan, Sheepboy Row 6 seems to be lucky for us! Anybody else in row 6?

I got Row 6! Like it was said, the Ticketmaster site did not come up for about 15 minutes, but once it did, tickets were readily available. VERY happy.!


For those who may need it, here's a link to the Metro-North Railroad's special schedule for the concerts



It was a rousing success. Stella?s costumes were spectacular. Prior to the performance, the musical director played bits of the score as he explained how Paul had constructed the music. After that the host expressed great appreciation to Paul for his contribution to the NYC Ballet and he ?toasted? Paul from the stage with a cup of tea. Paul and Stella joined the cast for three curtain calls. I thought the ballet was very dynamic and engaging and the audience was very warm and responsive.

NYC Channel 1 News at 11 just had a nice feature of Paul with Nancy and also Stella arriving on the red carpet.


Just saw this in Boston Globe.

Though not confirmed by Live Nation, they say he'll play Fenway Tuesday July 9th



An informative review



I was at the Nassau Coliseum concert, too.

I remember the crowd roaring in amazement at the multiple laser beams that shot across the arena for Live and Let Die (A state-of -the-art effect at the time.)

During the acoustic set, Paul took everyone by surprise when, while playing a fast-strumming guitar introduction, he remarked, "This one's a hootenanny ..." And he launched into "I've Just Seen a Face"! The crowd went wild.

During the show there may have been some kind of momentary percussion issue and Paul addressed the audience to explain it.. "Do you people on Long Island know what a rhythm box is?" "No, Paul," everyone responded. Paul explained the device which (obviously) kept the beat.

Looking back now, I remember people asking me whether I was able to hear Paul <lol> since some folks assumed the noise level would be the same as Beatlemania crowds. I was happy to report to them that every word of every song was crystal clear.

A memorable line up of songs, flawlessly performed.