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cfergoid:I think I started to pick up the basics by the end! Although I was baffled when he didn't want to score the touchdown near the end!

That was strategy. They wanted to run down the clock more so not to let the Patriots have another chance to score. But in the end it didn't matter, as the Patriots were not able to use the time to make a touchdown. Congrats Giants!


I think Paul finally got his propers from the Grammy crowd this year. There was an air of sadness about the show with the death of Whitney Houston hanging over it all. I thought even Paul's Golden Slumbers sounded a bit tired and somber. I did not watch the whole thing, but I thought the Rihanna/Coldplay pairing was a bit odd. Did not see the connection at all. Overall fun, but a sad evening nonetheless.


Heading toward $5.00 a gallon in California the last couple weeks with no end in sight!


Theres's talk of The Who touring later this year. I'd love to see them again.

Thread: Concerts.


herc:i cant undestand why pink floyd is so famous band,they are pretty average for me and their songs have always long duration!

I'm not a huge Floyd fan, but i do own Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, and they are in the top ten bands of all time. I would never say they were average, despite not being a real Floyd acolyte. It's like calling the Beatles average to be honest. They're not as average as the Bee Gees. Just pulling your leg herc.

i prefer the bee gees!(the best band after the beatles)the only pink floyd song i really like is another brick in the wall

If you only like Another Brick in The Wall Pt. II then you just don't get it. That was their only disco hit. You obviously don't like great music. There is a good reason that Dark Side of the Moon was on the Album Charts for 14 years! And still sells huge quantities to this day. You should check it out. The whole album I mean.


walliebaby:Was chatting with a friend on FB, and we got to talking about our personal pet peeves.

For example, I hate when people show up late to meetings or get-togethers. It makes it seem like my time isn't valuable to them.

Then we got to talking about internet pet peeves, like I don't like people who post in all caps, as that means they're yelling.

What are your internet pet peeves?

That almost every page and website is covered in adverts, banners, pop-ups, animations. The internet has turned into nothing but a giant junk mail box. It's disgusting! :


My other pet peeve is that it seems now one does not exist unless they're on Facebook. Yet only 5 years ago most people did not know Facebook existed. Crazy!


The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Paul McCartney
Jimi Hendrix
The Who
Led Zeppelin
John Lennon
Bruce Springsteen

Honorable mentions to:

Bob Dylan
Bob Marley
George Harrison
The Eagles
Mariah Carey
Elton John
Elvis Presley


Antenna TV in the US has been showing a Monkees marathon this weekend, and they are showing the Brady Bunch episode today. Haven't watched this much Monkees since the MTV marathon in 1987. The shows were actually pretty funny, mostly goofball. You always just waited to watch them lip-sync their songs. Good show, great songs!

Micky Dolenz was the guest on Pierce Morgan Interviews on CNN Thursday talking about his friend Davy.



oobu24:why? because one of them died? shame they care now. :

Nope--the FB group has been up for a while now.

oh...but that *is* how it usually happens. They die & all of a sudden people care.

It is nice to see him and The Monkees getting some props now. People tend to forget how huge they really were. Their second album More of The Monkees was the biggest selling album of 1967, number one for 18 weeks in the U.S., even outselling The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper (that year, not in the long run). An interesting bit of trivia is they were also the first band to use a Synthesizer as an instrument on record.