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jimmix wrote:


George Harrison's spectacular comeback: What 1979 meant for his post-Beatles careerWith alcoholism behind him and a new family in tow, here's how Harrison got his groove back with his eponymous LP

There's so many pop-ups on this page you can't even read it! 


June 22nd at Petco Park will be my 10th McCartney concert!


The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles' Hits was one of my favorite records growing up. And the article is correct, it is so well played and produced it's amazing! 


Great performance, awesome film! Good job Rami! 

Thread: Rami Malek

BandontheRun wrote:

So I’m in the NY area where there haven’t been any shows announced for this tour. 

Found out I need to go to San Diego for business the week of June 23rd. 

Decided to fly out on the 22nd and scored a single ticket for A3 Row 18 off the Macca site just last night. 

I’m not crazy right?  Others here would do the same and also be psyched at the chance to see Macca again?

I’ve never been to Petco so any advice for an East Coast guy getting to/from or where to stay overnight?

Arriving in San Diego around 3pm. 


If you can afford that ticket then you can afford a nice hotel near the stadium. There are several within walking distance of Petco, but I would recommend Embassy Suites. Being that weekend with the concert most places may already be sold out, so I hope you already booked something. The airport is not too far from downtown, so you can either catch a city bus or an Uber. Once you have your room, you can walk to the stadium. It's less than a mile. Enjoy! I'll be in the middle seats. :) 


Marshall wrote:

Hello all,

Just wondering if any of you alkso have a copy on vinyl or CD of the 1964 album, The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits? I've had my vinyl copy since I was a child in the 60's. It's Alvin, Simon, and Theodore with David Seville (aka Ross Bagdasarian Sr.) offering their take on the classic early Fab tunes.

There's a new book out now about Ross Bagdasarian Sr., The Alvin Show cartoons, and their Chipmunks records. There's a little bit on The Chipmunks Sing The Beatles Hits and how the album came about in the book. I've written a web article about the book. Here's the link:




I found a used vinyl LP of this in good condition at a record store in Carlsbad Cal. recently, with the 1964 copyright. It's as good as I remembered!

Nice article! I definitely did not know that The Chipmunks recorded with Canned Heat! 


I saw him in 2010 at the Greek Theater in L.A., his final show of the tour. It was 2 hours, and it was fantastic!