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Please bring back the premium memberships. Those two "free" downloads were not worth the $50.00 membership fee.

Please count me in!

John Reeder


I bought The Beatles vinyl box set. Looking forward to the mono vinyl
Box coming later this year.


I was able to get a copy of the Genesis book "There Are Places I Remember" and Wings Over America deluxe box set. Not sure if this counts but I bought a program & t/shirt at the Barclay Center Paul McCartney show June 8/10, 2013.

Seems like many fans, here, have great collections!


I met George Martin in Red Bank, NJ in Feb. 1999. He was doing an audio/visual presentation, "The Making of Sgt. Pepper". Richie Sambora was the MC. It was at The Count Basie Theatre. After the show, Mr Martin was outside, leaving. I went to him showing my book "All You Need Is Ears". He smiled, took my book, and signed it. Thank you Mr Martin!

PS It was snowing while Mr Martin was outside speaking with fans.


beatlesfanrandy:Why the moaning? It used to be common practice that singles would come out and you'd buy them and then the album would come out and you'd buy them too, and the single would be on it. The Beatles were the only ones who stopped that practice. Hence the 2 CD Past Masters. But it never stopped Capitol from putting all the singles on the albums in the U.S. Deluxe CD's are just a continuation of this practice. So you have to buy more than one disc, maybe with a little different art work, to get all the songs! Who cares? :

I'll send you my name & address and if you will buy me all the extras I won't care either. Being on disability I have to admit....I CARE!


I went to an FYE in South Jersey. I was the second in line. At 10 AM there were 3 of us in line. The door opened. This woman ran in and grabbed all 3 deluxe versions (there were only 3 of each version). She got 3 cubes. When I saw that, I grabbed 2 standard cd's; 2 cubes. The 3rd customer got the last standard cd. He got 1 cube. The cd' were all gone. The owner had 3 cubes left. He had to wait for the next shipment to hand out the final 3 cubes he had. To recap, store opened at 10 AM. By 1004 AM, ALL CD"S GONE!!

I hope everyone has a chance to get a cube. In a very dark room it looks GREAT!! GOOD LUCK EVERYVODY!!!!

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harleyblues:good marketing this time around

Good for him.

I now have 3 copies, the Target and Best Buy exclusives and the FYE cube, a productive and expensive morning.

I have 1 album from a record store-- 2 cubes- one order off Amazon $20 bucks ... & one I'm getting from Japan....

Hi Harley, I remember you from the early days with Paige, Clo, Beat (RIP), and Lemmy! I was able to get the Target, Best Buy, Walmart & 2 of the cubes at FYE. My copy from Japan came in the mail today. I have the Vinyl coming from Amazon UK. Now I can relax. Hope you got all you were looking for! Be Well, John


Yes, Jimmy is still MIA.


I finished the book last Saturday. I am a first generation fan and I must say this is, by far, THE best book I have ever read about the Beatles. I can not wait for the next one! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

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Not sure if this counts but I pre-ordered the The Beatles USA Albums box set. Being from America, these are the ones I remember growing up with. I did buy the vinyl of "NEW", The Beatles - On The Air - At The BBC Vol.2, the 5 song & 14 song samplers on cd, the 7" vinyl 5 track sampler, cd "NEW" with light cube, The BBC Collection cd set, many, many books......No wonder I'm broke. Merry Christmas!!