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thenightfish:I hate labels. But I guess I am a "real, hardcore fan.". "Far have I traveled and much have. I seen" . And Paul IS playing for ME. Would I like different songs in the set? Sure. There are tons I would love to hear. I have been lucky, I saw shows in 1976 and 1979 and 89-90 where he did songs he has never performed again. But this is what he chooses to give us now. I choose to accept it and go see him. Spending close to 3 hours in the same room with him, watching him do what he clearly loves to do, is worth it to me. I love watching him play his instruments, too. "It's all about that bass" as well as the guitars and his fabulous piano playing.

The audience in Little Rock was loud and loving, and this is what Paul is reacting to, so we get the shows we are getting. He sees what happens when he plays songs people don't know (bathroom breaks etc).

I'm sorry for those of you that are disappointed. I know this ride is not going to last forever so I'm just going to stay on it until it ends.

I'm not disappointed. I am "nothing" at this point about Paul's tours. You choose to see him, pay for these shows.

I choose to keep my money in my pocket. It's a fair, free market decision.

I got off the ride in 2009 and am very glad I did. I don't regret not hearing a lot of what he has done live since I never wanted to hear those songs from him anyway, such as Mr. Kite, All Together Now, Love Me Do or AHDN.

I saw Tom Petty in Albuquerque in 2012 and the middle of his show was about an hour of new songs. The arena did not empty, it erupted with fans basking in the man's amazing music generated by him and his band on stage.

Tom Petty gives his fans credit and respects them. It was one of the best concerts ever. Oh, and he played all his hits too.

I've seen Petty several times. He will play his new stuff but he recycles, too. Friend of mine who loves him and has seen many many shows was disappointed with his last tour because he thought the setlist was stale! So it's all perspective. Everybody decides what they want to see or not see. I'm fine with that. You and others choose to stay home, I choose to go. I was just explaining why.

And this is the Little Rock thread so we should be talking about the show. . I do agree that the proposal stuff is a bit over the top. There were four girls from Memphis and Mississippi who were on stage before the proposal. They had lighted signs that just said "please bring us up on stage.". So Paul said, "well girls, you're on stage."

That was us! It was incredible to hug him!


Does anyone have any pictures from us last night on stage? We left our phones in our seats!



cassidytodd:Does anyone have any pictures from us last night on stage? We left our phones in our seats!

I posted a video above of y'all on stage.

Here's some photos I pulled off the video I filmed if you want some actual photos. Hope this helps!


CHAD!!!! Thank you so much for posting this to YouTube! We have been talking about you all day. One of us found it this morning. Priceless!



cassidytodd:That was us! It was incredible to hug him!

CONGRATS! ;) The group hug with Paul jumping up and down made me laugh!

I couldn't believe he called us back over to do a jumping group hug! He was so nice too! He was laughing with us.


SkLeigh:Apparently the parking lot opens at 5pm and the gates open at 6pm. So I'll just plan to be there by 5pm and see if I can see or hear anything. But I just can't see trying to get there much before that. I feel like there would be nowhere to go!

And the venue site says no signs larger than 8.5 x 11?? Are people planing to bring signs anyway? I have one from Summerfest last year that I was planning to bring, so I guess I'll bring it in my car and see what happens? I mean, he likes the signs!

So what are you going to do? Bring 8.5x11? We can't decide what to do!


Does anybody know if he swings his full concert lineup or if it would be limited? Has anyone purchased the VIP packages to this festival? Please let me know we are trying to decide if we should do it.