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Well he didn't forget the lyrics, but love the piano "gone mad"



bmusicl2:There have been some good deals on hotels for that weekend close to the venue. I have yet to book but will once I know I have a ticket. So I am from California and never been to St. Louis. Is it worth me flying in on Friday night so I can have a full day in the city?

If I can get a great seat for the show, my plan is to fly in as early as possible on Sat and fly out as late as possible on Mon. This would give me time equal to a full day for sightseeing, but keep cost down with just 2 nights hotel.


borfus10:Here's a video montage I made of the StL show. It includes Paul arriving at the venue as well. Youtube only allows me to put 15 minutes on there, so I had to cut some stuff out. What an amazing evening! Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIq9hW_ZvnA&feature=plcp

Very nice!!! Thanks for posting


It was COLD. He did take it off eventually


From previous years it looks like the "main" headline act is either Friday or Saturday. Since Paul is top billing I would guess it would be one of those days. My family also wants to see Red Hot Chili Peppers so we will need at least 2 days anyway, so will go ahead and buy the 3-day as soon as they're on sale tomorrow. Don't want to take a chance of any sellout when Paul is involved


newyorkjoe:I have repeatedly attempted to purchase tickets through the PM website, accessing at the moment they are available... and have never been successful. Either I am doing something wrong - and it's pretty simple so I don't believe that's the case - or there is a "flaw" in the site. Either way, very frustrating and discouraging. Have never had this problem on any other sites, i.e., Ticketmaster.

I'm having the same problem, going to try ticketmaster in 5 minutes.


~lady*madonna~:So, have been thinking long & hard about this, weighing seeing Paul vs. the inconvenience of parking, transportation, no assigned seating, etc. Right now just the opportunity of seeing Paul is winning.
Does anyone know if one day tix can be purchased, and what day will Paul perform? How soon would we need to arrive in the day to insure a good viewing spot?

*sigh* Why can't he just perform solo somewhere in the Bay Area?
But, as I said, just the opportunity to see Paul again is overshadowing the logistics.

This is only my guess based on previous years, but they will probably announce the daily lineup and if one day passes are available, about a month before the show.

From my Coachella experience, he was the headliner and closed the first day, played his entire set. We were there early because we wanted to see other bands, but didn't even try to move in close to the main stage until the act just before him finished. Viewing spot was decent -- not great -- also depends on how tall you and the person in front of you are.

I agree about the horrible transportation options to GG Park, not sure yet what we will do. I'm not crazy about stadium shows either, but getting in/out of AT&T is a breeze in comparison.


MarkinSouthJersey:Where's everyone staying? Any suggestions? Don't know weather to stay in Brooklyn or take a cab from Manhattan. Had a hard time finding a cab driver willing to take me from Manhattan to the Citifield shows last time.

I'll stay in Manhattan and take the subway. That's what I did for Citifield -- it's super-easy, fast and only $2.50 each way.



harleyblues:I wonder how late the trains run.. gotta work the next day unless I leave early sunday night...

Here's transport information from last year:


just read those.. 4rd time for OSL I didn't see anything for the South Bay

If you are making connections to BART or Caltrain, be aware that the last trains of the day are scheduled as follows:
?BART last train from Civic Center Station:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: ◦For Peninsula BART trains, please board an inbound 5 or N by 11:30 p.m.
■12:36 a.m. to Millbrae,
■1:07 a.m. to San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

?Caltrain last train from Depot at 4th at King Streets: ◦Friday, Saturday: Please board an inbound N by 10:30 p.m. for the 12:01 a.m. Caltrain.
◦ Sunday: Please board an inbound N by 7:45 p.m. for the 9:15 p.m. Caltrain

I'm thinking best bet is to park at Millbrae and take BART to Civic Center & bus to event (either Muni or the shuttle). Taking BART over Caltrain gains some time -- I'd be more worried about making the last train.

We have no problems with walking a few miles, so if anyone has better suggestions coming from South Bay please feel free to post!