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Hehe, no I do understand your different taste. I also love most of the tracks of Paul that you love, but some of my favorites are Fool on the Hill, Eleanor Rigby, At The Mercy, and Anyway, tracks with lots of orchestration and mood, and interesting lyrics.

kapoo:Music needs to have a hooky and basic rock n roll aesthetic for me to get into it. Chaos is just missing that hooky melodic quality I love so much about Paul?s music. Its missing the ?pop?, and the basslines.. I?ve said it before, for me loving Chaos as your favorite Paul album like so many say they do, is like loving Paul for qualities that basically have nothing to do with what has made Paul the greatest pop/rock writer ever.

I notice you had to stop short of saying "what made Paul the greatest writer ever" by only picking out a couple of the many styles he can write in!! He writes great pop and rock stuff, but what I really love about his music is the variety, and the fact he can also write gems like Blackbird, and then something like Temporary Secretary and also full-on orchestral arrangements, and something like We All Stand Together, and so much other stuff.

Anyway, getting vaguely back on topic, the lyrics on Chaos generally are fully-rounded, mature, intelligent, and the whole thing makes me happy! I'm not quite sure whether it's my favorite Paul album or not, but I love it.

kapoo:The fact that so many critics act like its some kind of high water mark baffles me? I think there was a lot of critics jumping on the bandwagon and trying to sound smart with all the great reviews of that one. Over time I think Chaos will fall farther and farther out of sight in the McCartney pantheon.

Time will tell.

ANyway, back to topic:

(Average Person)


kapoo:I hear you, thanks illwobble, no pressure at all. I just wanted you to know my situation as far as being able to record music also. I would like to play that one, its got a nice acoustic guitar feel. Magnus plays it really well, don?t know if I even could do it exactly like he does. But I?d work something out. Its along the same lines as my fascination where I had to learn ?My Baby?s Request? by Paul. Its just a song that sits right.

Hum?s cool, thanks for listening. Did you hear how I flubbed the whistle? I had the chords and progression of it first, and then initially had a straight (and very boring) love song lyric to it. the song was basically called ?If You Only Knew?, as the hook line in both verses initially was endeared you in my heart, if you only knew.
Initially it started I finally got it right this time with you, a feeling that is so sublime its true.. was so lame so I re-wrote the lyrics trying to use outerspace themes, but yet keep it a love song. And I just worked in references to the sky and moon and lunar seas. I changed the rhyme scheme in the second verse to accommodate thelunacy rhyme to end it, and almost wanted to call the song ?Lunacy? (probably should have).. but to me it was all about the vibe of hearing the Hum of stars. :cool: and I arranged it up so that line would end the song!

I did such a crap version there, need to re-do it for sure. I think audi was talking about doing some work on top of my track, that will be so much better than my piece of crap version. Audi?s got skills. A lot of people on this board who have skills :cool: part of the reason I like it here so much !

that and McCartney

It was only on my 4th listen that I was able to hear any whistle flubbing. I was just enjoying it. It's nice. I was already wondering whether 'lunacy' would be a better title, but not sure actually. It maybe sounds a bit odd.

It's certainly not a piece of crap version - that's way harsh. On the other hand, wouldn't it be cool if you could get Nigel Godrich to produce it with ethereal orchestration and strings and stuff...



illwobble:On the other hand, wouldn't it be cool if you could get Nigel Godrich to produce it with ethereal orchestration and strings and stuff...

you're a funny man. you know what band I'd ideally love this song for? Maroon 5. I think they could really do it in their loud, sparse, funky style. big 1's and 3's, in terms of the count. and I think Adam Levine could kill the vocal. wonder who produced their album Songs About Jane? now I'll need to look that one up...

these are the things I daydream about

truth is if Nigel Godrich wanted to have a go at it I'd be game however if he happens to read this forum he probably dislikes me with a passion

I bet the guy has a dart board in his bedroom with your face on it!

kapoo:so btw, how did you guys record penguin, do you have a mac, mix board, etc? what app?

No, nothing fancy at all. Just a little digital recorder (of Magnus's - not sure of the specs) and Audacity on my computer. Could do something a bit more fancy next, but no need so far.


The clarinet (and horns) are one of the things I really love about Mr Bellamy. In a similar way I love Fool on the Hill largely for the recorder solo, and Jenny Wren largely for the duduk solo.

When I'm 64 has clarinets in it. Can't think of any more solo songs off the top of my head.


Wrote a few songs on holiday last week in South Wales. Here's rough demos of three of them:

Flaunted Vice
There Goes The Sun

Oh, and here once again is the latest take of Penguin (unchanged - link for your convenience only!)


Nancy R:Mrs. Strummer jumped in with a clue (but no answer) and ignored my post, so I'm reposting it:

My answer to Snorkle's clue (everybody has fun):

Nancy R:It Won't Be Long

There will be a...

P.S. the answer to wingsdgm (on bended knees) is Tell Me Why

There Will Be A... = Being for the benefit of Mr Kite

On Bended Knees = dunno! (Tell Me Why has "on MY bended knees")


kapoo:Whassup illwobble! Not bad man, you are hilarious with your style going on there. Flaunted Vice sounds like it should be used in a Farrelly brothers comedy! Hey, how awesome would it be to have a tune used in a movie!? I think it?d be sweet, and that song seriously be considered! its got that same singers story telling voice. Crazy how you came up with the theme too. Great job writing to that line. Especially as yours is a story telling lyric, rather than a sort of abstract, stream of consciousness thing. Yours is actually well thought out.

Grasshopper was a fun listen also, I see a similar theme to that of Penguin, contrasting our lives with the life of an animal or creature. Nice tune, Penguin?s the A-side of that 'all nature' single IMO. And I need to check out the 3rd song still. an Homage to Mr. Harrison?

you go quiet for a few days, and come back with 3 new songs! I like it! personally I hope thats what our friend audi is doing too :cool: that guys gone really quiet. he must be working on his 'Sgt Pepper'

KPU man, what are you on? My Penguin song in a TV ad? Flaunted Vice in a movie? Can't even begin to understand how either of those even remotely fit, but there you go... Thanks for your interest once again. I really appreciate all your comments.
There are demos of a further 2 songs to be put up soon once they're edited too. It was a productive week's holiday. Doubt I'll manage that level of output again for a while!!

PS There Goes The Sun won't take you long to listen to: it's only just over a minute long!


More brilliant classic stuff from Fry and Laurie




illwobble:KPU man, what are you on?

kapoo:just listened twice, I like the tune, well done. clever lyrics, working around some of the 'Here Comes The Sun' lines. and I like the last chord ending. I like 'cliff hanger' song endings. however on this song, I think you should speed it up a little. I think the melody would work well as a more uptempo song. however that would shorten it even more, so possibly not. would work if you rearranged it though, maybe add a verse or just repeat one of the ones you have. either way though nice tune. just throwing out an idea for ya

Yeah thanks, good idea to speed it up a little. Not sure it being shorter is even a problem. Why not have a song shorter than a minute? Gives it a unique selling point! There are PLENTY of 3-4 minute songs already, and people have shorter and shorter attention spans!!


Seeing some animal out in the wild. Especially little things. Lizards, frogs, newts, mice, caterpillars... perhaps a weasel or otter is the most exciting! We don't see all that much wildlife in Britain.