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kapoo:Classic Iron Maiden styles btw. that is hilarious, definitely a charming little ballad there. those guys had a way with words for sure great call on the roasting of it. or is that sheer homage being paid?

thanks! Just roasting to be honest. In fact I couldn't really remember how the tune went when I did it. I'd just downloaded the lyrics and sang them as I saw fit, partly based on vague memories of hearing the song!


AbbeyRoadCrosser:It looks as there we will be no new Macca remasters before 2012. etcetra posted that there had been no work done this month on the archive collection. I think it is safe to say two things.
1. No more remasters this year.
2. And by the time all these are out I'm going to be married with a couple of kids running in the yard.

This sounds unlikely, but if true I may have to just fork out for a second hand copy of RAM, or download it... Hmmm...


Two more new songs which I also wrote on that week's holiday

Days With You is about being with my 2-year-old daughter
Lovers Once is a ballad about the awkwardness of seeing an ex-girlfriend (ironic, as I don't really have a proper ex-girlfriend!)

Also new takes of:
There Goes The Sun which is a little minute-long antithesis of "Here Comes The Sun" inspired by the bad weather we have here in Wales in late August
And my stripped-down cover of Macca's
Hope of Deliverance

Also remember to check out if you haven't already:
Flaunted Vice
and of course Penguin[/size">


For 6 months??? No, I think people would have noticed if Paul was away for that long during one of the busiest and most productive years of his life! Typo?


AbbeyRoadCrosser:This One

A cod is riding upon his back

Correct Lyrics: A god is riding upon it's back

I like that better!! The THIS ONE / THE SWAN thing doesn't count of course as he's deliberately messing there. Still not sure how that chorus relates to the rest of the song. Intriguing...


Where I live it averages around £1.35 per litre.
You need to multiply that by 6.1933 to get the figure in US dollars per gallon, so that's:




walliebaby:I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" yet:

"'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy..."

real lyric:

"'Scuse me, while I kiss the sky..."




No decent zebra crossings round that part of Aberdeen then, I take it?