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I remember these days a little bit and it was no news that any musician disliked the big record companies, the music scene was all about leaving clues in the music about this, ie changing the words in the record session was done alot to get back at the controlling company because it usually didn't get caught in time for the company to "correct it".

The thing about this article is it doesn't really sound like John to me, unless he was really drunk. I don't think John was so long winded, he was much briefer in public, more succinct. Seems to me John was more the type to return their art work with his own corrections written all over it rather than type out a letter. Can't wait to hear about how they authenicate it.



BarbB:Clayer, I use Google News when I want to know what Paul's up to, and it was on there.

Cool .. thanks so much


BarbB: Thank You for the Google News tip. I went in and saw a 1993 version of Hey Jude that was spectacular. And there is a picture of Paul that appears to be from London just the other day (I thought he was in So Amer). Any way if I knew how I would bring it up here, it really is a nice picture. Don't you think?
Almost forgot, I would but up with the signing for tatoos forever if I could get rid of the signs in front of me. The signs totally blow.



DCBeatle64:Love the bootleg beatles, might go to the usher hall to see them

Paul was awesome that night. I would love him to come back sometime soon. He can do the castle or the corn exchange or the picturehouse or if he really wants to get a big crowd, Murrayfield. 2 gigs there next year another wont go a miss

Yeh, there really good!

Optimistic but would be awesome!

It would indeed be awesome. I want to come back to Scotland next year ( or tomorrow). Wish Paul would announce some concerts near Glascow or Edinburgh and I could spend all winter planning a trip.



nanorama:I want to come back to Scotland next year ( or tomorrow).

Going back to Scotland in 3 weeks Needless to say I'm looking forward to it. My first trip there last June was brilliant. No doubt more great visits to Scotland will follow.

nanorama:Wish Paul would announce some concerts near Glascow or Edinburgh and I could spend all winter planning a trip.

I'm in!!! Rather see him there than in London!

When we agree on something we really agree.
Getting there is exciting too, let the fun begin!


I knew about it from the time he was stabbed. I thought then that he was not going to be with us long. I remember pacing around wishing I could tell him to go to dry climate and clean out your chest. I don't know if it would have made a bit of difference but I was really upset by that attack, more upset that day than when he died.

On the day they announced his death I was at home. I went out in the yard and planted some bulbs, felt like I had to do something out in the garden.

In my mind they still go together, the cancer and the stabbing. I also take heart, if anyone can come back to help us it would be someone like George.


conrad:On that date I even didn't know that a group named Beatles existed, I was 11 and was probably at school. How sad, really.......

Yes it was really sad but they got us thru by constantly saying George was ok, not hurt seriously but he was. George himself appeared on the news saying he was ok.

Its not a big reach to connect his death to cancer and the knifing. If you were to watch surgery for cancer you would see what a wide breach they have when they make the cut, its to keep from spreading the cancer cells. I think the knifing spread his cancer or brought it out of remission.

Whatever, I do believe his wife who said he was ready to go, anxious to be away at the end.


fan4life:c'mon paul, take a turn up to liverpool for the 17th. Take a look at what's going on at the Casbah: It's the 50th anniversary TO THE EXACT DATE of the boys first EVER appearance in Liverpool as "direct from hamburg, The Beatles". the original bill from Dec 17 1960 is being recreated. Seems the only missing person (still living) is sir paul. Earl PReston and the TT's appearring, pete best and his band. Heck, Chas Newby will probably be there too. (Chas filled in on bass when Stu didn't come back to Liverpool on this trip): john, paul, george,pete and chas were "the Beatles" on december 17 1960.

might sir paul stop in at the casbah ? it's been 48+ years. Rumor is that the casbah door is always open for Sir Paul. He can revisit the striped ceiling that he painted. December 17th is a major anniversary in beatles history. It's paul's 50th anniversary as much as it is Pete's as well. Have a pint together. Go on...call the driver and have him take you around to # 8 Haymans Green.

see the bacsktory http://www.liverpoolbeat.com/Pete-Best-It-Was-50-Years-Ago-Today.html

I hope this works for you. I'm sure Paul would be there if he can. I'm still in London on Friday, I'm ganna try for that one but most likely I'll end up standing in the street to see him drive in.


Congradulations to all who got tickets. I don't know how you did it! I was there at 2 am (for your 10 am) but no luck. Went back to bed. Guess I'll stand in the street and watch for Paul to drive by. NOT DONE THAT IN 44 YEARS! TOO FUNNY


OOO! I want to do one too. Hope this isn't stepping on your toes, don't mean to. Got home last night, been gone 3 weeks traveling in Jolly Ole England. 3 weeks is more like it, and what a time I had. Met really neat people at Paul's concert in Liverpool just like I knew I would. Hope everybody got home OK, that was a bit icy but worth it, what a blast!! Of Course! My high point was when he sang "Hitch Hike" Marvin Gaye's old song from my high school days too cool! I love it when he does this, he makes those old songs come alive, it must be his voice, and the band!! Ah, the sound is just wonderful. And I love to watch Abe, he's something. Nobody can steal the spot light from Paul except Abe when he gets going. Even Paul just lets him have it. What a hoot!

Now, what I want to know is what are they putting in the water in England? I think its spiked with a little LSD. My sister keeps insisting I'm psychic, yeah a psychic mess, well let me tell you what happened. Talk about Jolly ole England, I thought I was completely straight, not even a drink. I went see Brighton and visited the Pavilion. It wasn't too crowded with tourists but it sure was full of ghosts. Two rooms were full of partying ghosts! I never in my life experienced this before. There was a big ball going on with music and dancing. Two figures were especially clear, one was a slender lady in a long red gown. I think she was the hostess. She greeted all the guests and made them glad they had come. She was totally charming. When she talked to the others she held their hands in hers, she made everyone happy. The other clear presence was a man. He was dancing, waltzing. Oh how he loved to waltz. He enjoyed it so much he burst out laughing while he twirled his partner right past me. His laugh echoed around the room, no one was having as much fun as he was. The place was packed, the dancers moved in a big circle while twirling their partners in their own little circle. The music was joyfull, I think all string instruments.
I didn't dare say anything to anybody, didn't want to get locked up! But that was weird, do you think the waters spiked?? I don't know.


OK that was one instance but not the only one. Number 2 happened at Hampton Court. There is a chapel, the one where the Queen spoke her Christmas message from (just the day before I got there). The altar is solid wood now, stained glass windows were removed and the altar rebuilt by Sir Christopher When(sp?). There is a really strange power behind that alter. So much that it pulsates! I felt it more than saw it, its very strong. I said something to the curator(?), I felt like it would be OK and it was. He agreed immediately, as if to say "well of course, we all feel it".

I wonder what the Queen makes of that.