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I don't like tatoos, personally...nor would I be comfortable to get up on stage in front of thousands of people and meet Paul face to face.

I'll just be in the stands, near the front admiring him from afar and rooting for whoever (or is it whomever?) he chooses to sign, hug, dance with, whatever. I admire those who had the courage to get on stage to meet Paul and even more courage to get a tatoo (owwwiiieee), and truly happy that he has made some people's dream come true.

This last part is JMO: I don't think people should be so demanding of his bestowing these special "gifts" to fans, nor think it's their Gawd given right to get up on stage just because they have been a longtime fan for x amount of years....paid x amount of $ for your seat....been to x amount of concerts. I'm sure by now Paul is getting bored of all the "I wanna tatoo" signs. Too much competition spoils the "specialness" of it all.


You might want to post your questions about Rusty on the thread that already exists:


Thread: Rusty

So, who's the woman they interviewed on the TV news? It showed a dark haired woman, sitting at her kitchen table showing off her Paul siggie tattoo she had done after she got onstage & he signed her back?

I nearly fell outta bed when I saw that!

WHO was it??


Born 3 decades before John's passing.


{{{audi}}} You picked me up out of my doldrums. You made me go from to .

Thank you from the bottom of my Paul-loving heart. <3


maccascruff:I will turn 60 in the fall. I can't believe it.

Ditto to both.


""On the day that I die I'd like bells to be rung
And songs that were sung to be hung out like blankets
That lovers have played on
And laid on while listening to songs that were sung"

It always seemed strange to me that he would repeat the words "songs that were sung" twice in one verse. Seems a bit awkward. JMHO


beatles1909:Please Mr Postman

Why Do I Feel?

"I've Just Seen a Face"

Takes it back


clicking because I am a perfect example of how early detection works.

One year survival! Stage IA invasive ductal carcinoma, treated by lumpectomy & radiation. All is good now.

Keep on clickin', everyone!
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nobodytoldme:It's really true. He just ended the show with the Abbey Road medley. Oh my...

How cool!!!!!!

Yaaayyyy. Now if we could get him to announce a west coast concert!!