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Ugh was really hoping Candlestick would be announced this week, guess not if this is going on.

I'd be surprised if it was Santa Clara. Odd choice of a city to play in, then again, it's an odd choice of a city to have a team from S.F. play in! ;)

I agree. Being a 49'er fan for a very long time, it will take some getting used to having them play in a different city.IF Paul was to play in Santa Clara, it would be a very nice way to preview the new stadium.


I have 2 of them on my bumper. One is like the one Nancy R. posted..."The Beatles" and the other is their silhouettes walking...like they are crossing Abbey Road. Got them both on Ebay.

I used to have one that said "I'd Rather Be At a Paul McCartney Concert", but someone rear-ended me and I had to get a new bumper.I never could find that same bumper sticker again.


That's GREAT news!

Just wish the California venues would be announced. The suspense is killing me.


Nancy R:I got a ticket for Atlanta--Sec. 2, Row C, Seat 10!!!! Dead front & center!

That's great!! Good for you!

Waiting with baited breath for SF/SC news.


Sgt._Pepper:Latest round of rumored dates from MaccaReport:

July 9 - Chicago, IL - United Center
July 12 - Fargo, ND - Fargodome
August 10 - Los Angeles, CA - Dodgers Stadium
August 12 - Santa Clara, CA - Levi Stadium
August 14 - Phoenix, AZ - Jobing.com Arena



More talk regarding the Candlestick Park vs. Levi's Stadium conundrum:


Arrrggghhh...just announce which one already!!


Sarah0504:As somebody who has been a Paul fan for years and years and years (over the majority of my life) and never seen him live, I can't really see the reason to be upset over song choices. You're still in the arena or park or stadium at that moment in time, with that performer, hearing those songs, and that moment will never be repeated again (sure you might hear the same tune 2-10 times depending on how many shows you go to), but they will always be unique). That's the important bit, isn't it?

Sure, it's fun to hope for the deep cuts that he never plays, but I think any fan of any band has those same wishes too.

I will be happy seeing Paul in June even if he plays the kazoo the whole time.

I HAVE been lucky enough to see him a half dozen times. Even if I saw him 100 times, and he did the same songs 100 times, I would go back again. And again and again and again.


Any ideas as to when the next set of dates will be announced?


AIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! < squealing with delight >


I will be there!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go...now all my friends and family have to put up with me for the next few months.


FINALLY!!!!! Candlestick Park here I come!