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I am SO freaking angry....stayed up late to watch it, and right after Chris Martin performed, which was about 12:30AM here on the west coast, the TV station switched to wrestling!!!!!! I never got to see Paul!!!!

I am going to contact the TV station and let them have it.


21st Century Paul:Here's Paul already legendary performance (I'm glad he didn't retire after the Olympics ) :

From the concert:
1.Helter Skelter hd
2.Let Me Roll It hd
3. 1985 hd
4. My Valentine (feat. Diana Krall)
5. Blackbird hd
6. Cut Me Some Slack hd (ft. Nirvana except for Kurt Cobain,..)
7. I've Got A Feeling hd
8. Live And Let Die hd

It reminds me of this one
Queen-Live Aid

PS is there anybody else who can perform with Diana Krall and Nirvana?

Those links don't work. I feel like my head is gonna explode because I am SOOOOO mad @ ION for cutting away before Paul's performance for a ****ing wrestling match. I am beyond frustrated, I had been looking forward to last night for weeks.


((walliebaby)) Thank you SO much for the pics of Paul!
It soothes me a little bit since I couldn't watch him last nite.
Great pics!!!


Congrats to Paul on the Grammy award for KOTB!!!!
Not my favorite album, but it is my favorite singer.

The Grammy's haven't even begun on TV yet here, but couldn't help finding out about Paul.



Hopefully Paul will soon sing "California here I come"

Candlestick Park is slated to be demolished next year, maybe Paul can play there for posterity before it's gone.



I think they put an end to the scaplers by just charging scalper prices for the good seats: $2,000; $1,500; $650. I bought a second row seat in 2005 and the very end of the row for $500, then resold it for what I paid cause I already had a floor seat that I couldn't sell.

I wish I knew when to plan my trip to Indiana.

Lonely Road, I just saw that you have San Francisco in your tag...what is Outside Lands, and will Paul be playing there? I haven't seen any announcements for 'Frisco! If he's gonna be there...I wanna be there!!!!


Any rumblings re: California other than Outside Lands?
Our summer calendar is filling up quickly...want to save room for Paul. He's the priority.

Want to schedule a trip to Denver to visit our daughter...wonder if Paul may be there at some point in time?

This waiting is making me jittery.


Ahhh....I remember that night so well!
July 2010.
It still makes me smile every time I think of it. It was chilly that night...typical for "the city". Paul made a comment about leaving his jacket on for so long, but he took it off eventually...much to the delight of the crowd.

I still have the clip of my sign getting on the Jumbotron..."Fan of Macca for 46 years".


paulfan11:I'm still holding out small hope that Paul will actually be playing AT&T again or Candlestick.

I'm not too keen on Outside Lands and call me crazy, but I want to be able to see and hear Paul. I really don't want to have to battle with thousands of other people just to try and be able to see him in Golden Gate Park. I'd rather have my assigned viewing spot as I'm very short. And just getting to GGP for Outside lands is a huge headache. Buses full, cabs taken, it's a battle!



I'm too tired to scroll back through the last 10 pages.
Any word on West Coast other than maybe Seattle and the Outside Lands in S.F.?