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I don't see anything wrong with wearing a Beatles t-shirt to a Paul concert.
It's a nice homage to how Paul got his start. If it weren't for The Beatles, do you really think we would be having the privilege of seeing Paul at these concerts??? He DOES sing Beatles songs at his concert, so HE even acknowledges the connection to THAT band. My DH wore his Beatles shirt to his concerts we have attended, I saw nothing amiss about that.

There were plenty of Beatles t-shirts in sight the times we saw Ringo in concert.

I have seen plenty of shirts of other rock bands when at various concerts...i.e. Aerosmith t-shirt @ The Who concert, Rolling Stones @ a Boston concert, etc.


What's happening there??????? I came to this thread hoping to find out what's going on (living vicariously through y'all) and the silence is deafening.

Any news re: soundcheck?

Pleeeeze keep us updated!

Go Austin...make us Maccafans proud!!!


Don't have Facebook account, never will.

And yes, I have seen members make their Facebook pictures public.


i would say it depends on the venue and the attitude of others around you.

I am a "stander". I have been yelled at (floor, row 12), but then at a different venue the entire area was standing (floor, first 15 rows). Sometimes I have to sit to take a breather, or just enjoy a few moments of quiet time when HE is singing a quiet song.

I say stand if you want...enjoy yourself.


fletch:forget64, nothing planned yet for after show. Club 152 was closed down last week, reopened this week. Jeffrey and the Pacemakers are playing in front on the Forum from 5PM till 7PM.

I thought it was Gerry & the Pacemakers, or is that a different band from the one that will be playing?


Glad to hear the concert has started...
hope everyone is having a great time.
Living vicariously through all you lucky concertgoers.


veggieburger, I have no clever caption, but I want you to know that your picture made me cry. I couldn't fathom being so close to HIM.
I may not get to see HIM this tour...which sometimes makes me think maybe neverseeing HIM again. So your picture struck my sensitive spot.


Oh my gosh....I LOVE telling my story.

San Jose, CA 2005. Waiting out behind the arena with dear hubby. Had my sign ready "To Sir Paul With < heart >. I was soooo nervous. We were right on the curb. Heard the sirens getting closer and my knees started to shake. The limo passed by slowly, Paul had his head out, arm outstretched. He looked right at me, and at my sign and gave me a thumbs up. At that point, I got woozy and had to grab on to DH's arm so I wouldn't fall over. It was THE BEST moment of my life. In the 42 years (at that date) I have loved Paul, I never ever thought that he would be looking directly at me.

In 2010 in San Francisco, the limo whizzed by too fast!!

Thread: Limo Watch

6 more days....'til I go see Rockshow in a local theater. Really looking forward to this, as I have seen very little footage of Wings.