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Going to see it Thursday...looking forward to it!
I hope there will be a lot of people...it's more exciting that way.


Just got back from seeing the film. Absolutely LOVED seeing it...I could not sit still, moved to the music the whole time. The close ups of Paul made me swoon! I feel like tonight I saw Paul at the apex of his performing career, the absolute best I have seen him either on film or live. His vocals were perfect.

There was NO introduction!! I thought we were supposed to see current day Paul talk about the film...nope...went right to the beginning of Venus & Mars. I don't know what happened to the intro.

There were approximately 40 - 50 people in the theater, which was pretty good since it was shown in a small town theater. Most of the audience did not seem as enthusiastic as I... no clapping between songs (except me) or singing/seat dancing.

The film was grainy pretty much the whole way through. The audio was o.k., but did not sound like surround sound, but then I am no audiophile.

The horn section in Wings were great...how come he can't bring horns along now?

I absolutely LOVED the performance of "Lady Madonna" in the film, very uptempo and more of a rocker than the original.

The cost was reasonable, only $6.50 (got the senior discount). ops:

Last, but most importantly, a message to the producers of Paul's concert DVDs over the past 10 years: PLEASE watch Rockshow....THAT is how you make a concert film.

I am so happy I went!


Have fun everyone tomorrow night!

Glad it's indoors ...was watching the weather on the news. Looks ugly...lots & lots of rain.

Like the Boy Scouts say...Be Prepared!

Wish I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I entered the local radio station contest for two 3 day VIP tix PLUS 2 night hotel stay!

If I win, I will be soooooooooooo happy. I wasn't sure I even wanted to attend, but if I get the VIP tix with the hotel, I'll be there in a heartbeat!

Anyone know if the VIP ticket holders get a special area to view the headliners???


No need for Crowd Surge...just go to Paul's website, find the venue you want to attend and click on "tickets". Not that difficult, IMO.

Look here:

Most of the tickets are being sold through Ticketmaster.

Most of the venues have been selling tickets for quite a while and are probably sold out since the tour was first announced. You may want to try StubHub or ebay, but be prepared to pay premium prices!

The early bird catches the worm!!

Thread: crowd surge

Great pictures!Thanks 5th!!


Benf207:First videos
Eight Days a Week - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eBy8Qf_IXI
Lovely Rita - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRrYHk89N2E
And I Love Her - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGQ_bXjCXZY

Good god...could the audience NOT sing along on "And I Love Her"? Very annoying.
But nice videos...thanks for posting!


Happy happy birthday to my beloved Paul!
You have brought such joy and happiness to my life, I hope you get to enjoy the same on your special day!

(who knew I would be typing a birthday message on a computer to Paul today when 49 years ago on his birthday I looked at his picture in my bedroom and silently wished him a happy birthday -- and kissed the picture)


Michelley:Here's a fun tribute on Buzzfeed to Paul for his 71st. It's called "20 Pictures Celebrating Paul McCartney?s Eternal Crushworthiness":




I am truly happy for you, Harleyblues. Really.
I watched the video...I like your dance moves...

This will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.