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First the positive, Paul looked good. Love the long gray locks. I am happy that he participated in this worthwhile project. My daughter is a doctor, and it's important for those in the medical profession to know they are appreciated and supported.

Now the negative....Paul's vocal quality was so sad to hear, it brought tears to my eyes. I really don't like criticizing Paul but I do believe the time has come for Paul to think seriously about using his many other talents instead of singing. (it pains me to say that)

The song arrangement was a bit strange. At one point it seemed like he briefly forgot the lyrics or maybe hesitated on purpose.


Happy Birthday, Paul!!!

I can't believe that when I first "saw" you (on TV) you were 21, and here I am all these years later wishing you a Happy 78th birthday. Wow! That same year I sent you a birthday card for your 22nd birthday, hope you got it!

Hope your day is special, just like you. yes




I think it's pretty good, except for the first few notes. I like the speeded up tempo and the country twang.

Visuals good.

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