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100% correct Bob.  I am happy the other poster got a meet and greet with Roger.  He was probably 1 of maybe 2 people who requested that for that show.  Paul would literally have to meet thousands of people per show if he were to be so "humble".  And yes, if Roger was on the level of Paul's popularity he would be charging an arm and a leg as well.

I saw Mick Taylor(guitariist for the Stones during their golden years) solo in a club years ago.  Humble guy.  Signed autographs after the gig.

That same Mick Taylor re-joined the Stones from 2012-2014, and played a handful of songs nightly with them.  Needless to say I could never got to interact with him the way I did when I saw him solo.(For $30 FYI)  WHY?!?!  Because he was with the Rolling F-ing Stones thats why!.  Those tickets were $750 a pop!


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I can see that this is obviously a problem. Yes, I got the name of Paul's company wrong but the rush one person had to point this out was point scoring when another issue was at stake. Also somebody kept mentioning 'using a computer correctly'. This is rather patronising to those of us that can use a computer quite well. The general tone seems to be that if others can make it fair then Paul can do the same. Let's not forget how vast his empire actually is and how little it would actually take to divert resources. He would still get his money (but for most of us it's the fairness of the operation and not how much he earns).

Wouldn't it be better to fill an audience full of fans rather than those who are there to tick it off on there 'been to' list. 

Is Paul too allof or detached to respond (through age or otherwise) I just don't know. I do know how much I love his work, how much he has played a part in my music and life and feel it is a shame that he doesn't put a variety of solutions in place.


P.S. My new album is out on 17th August. It's called Welcome to Smugville and is free because I've always thought getting stuff to fans was the most important part of the process. 

His audience seems to be full of fans, judging by the standing ovation he gets practically after every song.

This happens almost every tour.  Some people don't get the tix they wanted, and blame Paul and everybody else like spoiled entitled children.

Again, I don't think a man pushing 80, with a large family, and is constantly traveling, worries too much about the ticket  process.    Again, judging by the crowd, it doesn't seem there are too many "look at me" people in the audience.  Most seem to be a fan of at least some portion of his work.

Good luck with your "album", and getting it to your "fan(s)"



The famous "aaaahhhh" after Paul sings "went into a dream" Some say its Paul, some say it's John.  Geoff Emerick says it's John, yet some swear he is wrong? I think George Martin once commented it was Johna as well, though I could be mistaken.

I always thought it was John.  It's featured in his "Imagine" documentary as well.

Has Paul or Ringo for that matter ever commented on it?

People who say it is Paul used the "Lovely Rita" intro as a reference.  Thats a much higher octave IMO.



So much for a fresh setlist lol.  Other than the brand new songs and "909" not much different.


Jam20 Flight RockMagical MysteryJetAll My LovingLetting GoCome On To MeLet Me Roll ItI Got A FeelingMy ValentineQueenie Eye1985Lady MadonnaIn Spite Of All The DangerThings We Said TodayConfidanteLove Me DoWho CaresBirthdayI Wanna Be Your ManFuh YouGet BackOb La DiBand On The RunHi Hi HiSaw Her Standing ThereSgt PeppersHelter Skelter


Saw him in Milwaukee that tour.  Pouring rain.  Played a ton of new songs which is good, though I am not a big fan of that album.  Voice was perfect, good crowd considering the weather.


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Too late for affect tickets for Paul's upcoming shows, but this is really good news:

Ticketmaster to close resale sites Seatwave and Get Me In https://blog.ticketmaster.co.uk/hq/resale-39720


It just means you'll see ticketmaster offering more "platinum tickets" and more will end up on stub hub. It's just the way the concert industry works these days and there's no way of changing it.

Bands doing VIP packages is really the same thing. Sure you get some extra merch and you might get to watch sound check from half way back the arena floor like in Paul's case, but it costs pennies on the dollar to the artist yet they just turned a 150 dollar ticket in to an 800 dollar ticket yet we are all ok with that. It's just one big business vs another.

I would not pay the money for any of these VIP packages but to each their own. It would annoy the heck out of me to pay the big bucks and be halfway back in the arena. My goodness, if people were say 10 rows from the stage would they really interfere with the work going on onstage.  Finally, if there was not a market for these VIP packages the bands would not being doing it.  

You are not halfway back in the arena during SC. You are behind the first section, so about 25 rows back. 

There are only about 50 rows on the floor.  So that WOULD be half way back


The website was misleading in terms of the PM.com presale.  Fortunately, i do have an AMEX.  I got 3rd row for Molineon the hot seat VIP, and 15th row floor for Madiosn NON-vip.  It took a few minutes but tix finally started to pop up.  Good luck to all.


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What is the difference between the "Internet Presale" and the Tickets that go on sale to the General Public? 

Do you need a pass code for the Internet Presale? 

Presale happens before the onsale.  Thats why its called a presale.


Sadly Lexington offers no seating chart