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I Don't Know-solid song that has grown on me

Come on to Me-meh

Happy With You-Top Notch

Who Cares-decent

Fuh Yuh-Good melody awful lyrics

Confidante-Top notch, but sung off key

Caesar Rock-junk

People Want Peace-Decent

Hand in Hand-Very good

Dominoes-overrated, very average

Back in Brazil-meh

Do it Now-Solid

Despite Repeated Warnings-decent

Nothing for Free-Solid.  Should have been the single off the album.  Huge blunder.


thenightfish wrote:

There is a poster for Bonnaroo 2019 that popped up online which shows Paul as one of the headliners. It's apparently fake, but June dates do fit in with the ones we already have. So something to keep an eye on.

Supposedly, Macca is "too pricey" for this festival, and the decison is "up in the air".


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FC15 wrote:

Paul played last night: 

1 song from Memory almost full (Dance Tonight)1 song from Kisses on the bottom (My Valentine)

2 songs from NEW (Save Us and Queenie Eye)3 songs from Egypt Station (COTM/WhoCares/Fuh you) 

Still hoping for I Don't Know to be included on the set, but he's playing songs from 4 albums of the last decade (well, MAF was released on 2007). 

A couple months ago Paul was saying he was only playing 3 songs from Egypt station because that was all they'd had time to rehearse. Methinks he told a fib.

Wether its a fib or not, its a BS excuse.  Charging a small fortune, but you don't have time to rehearse!?!?  Go back and rehearse, and come back prepared!


Sorry, but Yoko is a total DRAG!


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I wondered why it bothered you ladies that George changed the words to be "I loved God more." I find that very spiritual minded and sweet of him. Inspiring. And it was in Georgia, land of the Bible thumpers so seems like most of the audience would have got off on it. I gather you two aren't overly religious, maybe, or you're just lyric purists.

Because it was John’s song, not his. So yes, lyric purist and also not overly religious. P.S. The concert was in Atlanta which I never considered to be full of “Bible thumpers” since I’ve lived here (1973) 

I think George's version of In My Life is nearly unlistenable. And the "I love God more" line, aside from totally changing the meaning of the song, was arguably an insult to John, who just a couple years earlier had sung, "...and no religion too." Don't get me wrong, I love George, but he could be insufferable when he was in preacher mode.

It's only unlistenable due to Georges voice at most gigs.  The lyrics are fine.  I don't think its an insult to John at all.  This was Georges version and interpretation of the song.

John was in attendance for one of his gigs. Never heard John(who wasnt shy about giving opions) say he was or felt insulted.

Thread: George Harrison

As others have mentioned, his voice is severely damaged even when he speaks.  The people who think he sounds fine, are in denial.  One only needs to here a few seconds of any song at any show these last few years to notice.

I wonder if he needs surgery on his vocal chords like Roger Daltery had.  If not, I wonder if a vocal coach could help him.  One has to wonder, besides money, why he puts himself through that grind of tearing his voice to shreads night after night, and then adds an extended soundcheck to boot.  Changing the key to each song could help as well.


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Paul singing Get Enough.


Filmed in St. Bart’s wearing his swim trunks! 😂

Very nice!  He seems very happy 😂

Were it not for the heavy autotune, one could hear...and still can...Paul's very very rough vocals.  Hence the reason it was heavily autouned.  He should have autotuned "Confidante" for the same reasons....or not recorded any vocals while his voice was in such bad shape.  I, sad to say, hope he never records another song.  It's just too painful to listen to him..on too many of his songs.  

Agreed.  While I am happy he is still able to perform, he is damaging his legacy, and quite often has embarrassed us with awful recordings(see Get Enough and Early Day).  Horrific!


So, are these all the US dates for 2019?  Or are there more rumors?


Free admission.  LOL.  No shit.  No one is paying for that rubbish.